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Promo 1996

Ron Chase 1978

Billy Phillips and Lynn Tillotson

Dave Wilson

Exhausted Z-93 DJs at the MDA (25 hour) Marathon Dance April 1, 1977

Kevin Jones fixes a light

Robert Faucett awaiting the music cue at the Grand Opening of WESTGATE MALL (October 6, 1982)

Jamie Wooten

Mr. Johnson did 30 years at W. T. Band Camp!


Julie's first Dance (March 20, 1993)




Blair Schaffer




Tulia Christmas Dance (1976)

Aaron Klaus

Mickey Baird of Western Texas College in Snyder booked dances 1978 - 1996.

Mickey died September 29, 2012


Sharla Perry Baylor University

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M D A Summer Camp 2002 (collage created by the campers)


Kris and Lisa at the Borger Youth Center (January 1978)

Ricky Ortega and Michelle


Diora Maddux and Kristy Bush at the Amarillo SW Pool Dance (July 1987)


Steve Stucker at the 4th of July 1981 Z-93 Bikini Contest in Amarillo's Memorial Stadium

Devin was a contestant in the Z-93 Fourth of July Bikini Contest held in Thompson Park.

Z-Staff and winners at the 4th of July 1980 Z-93 Bikini Contest in Thompson Park

The 1979 contest with Z-93 staff and contestants.


4th of July 1983 Z-93 Bikini Contest in Memorial Park



Amber Stone, lifeguard, at the Dumas Pool Party/Dance (1986)

some kind event in Spearman at the 4th of July dance right in the middle of Main Street

Kathy Mackie dances at WTSU


Dominoes Pizza on NE 24th Ave parking lot dance (1984)

Greg Henry at Howard College in Big Spring ,TX

Home Coming in Seminole TX


WTSU (1977)

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Tulia 1976


Renda Lowe and Ricky Ortega

Light Man Billy Phillips

Duzi and Angel



Melinda Sue

Cory Doyal gets his 100 Dances Certificate

Lightman Billy Phillips in action


kids in Eunice, NM who are now old

Z-93's Kris Manning and. . .Deby

Z-93 DJ Joe Garrett

Hits on 45s

Hits on cassettes

Julie, Jennifer, Kristi, and April - the crew at Band Camp (1993)

Ashley at the light board for Abilene High Senior Party (1997)


Heather in Seminole, TX (1985)


Christmas dance in Tulia (1976) 


"Roller Disco" New Year's Eve 1978

Lower Level of the First National Bank Amarillo





The 1st MDA marathon dance for "Jerry's Kids" ran 25 hours April 1 -2, 1977.

(The longest AmaChron dance in history)

MDA Dance-A-Thon (1977)


Andy Lange in Tulia with bookends

Carrie Morgan with the historic photo board (displayed 1984 - 1997)



Cindy at the Borger Youth Center


Robin Byrd and Floyd

Hula Hoop Contest Andrews, TX Cruise Night

Shela Shumate



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Jim Long at Andrews, TX Cruise Night (1989)

Deanna Wills


Kay Tate a the SAMBO'S Pancake Party

Z-93's Steve Stucker (1981)

Angel's back

Darren Flemming

PJ  and  Joe Garrett in Abilene

Rodney Weaver and Angel Lewellyn

Jennifer +

Amarillo Area Safeway Stores Christmas Party (1981)

Charlene Keith at Chronocontrol III

Mirror Ball UFO over the city as seen from the Amarilo Club on the top floor of the SPS Tower (dance 1978)



Kristi Lantz first dance 1991

George dances in Seminole


Jason of Holiday On Ice '74, '75, '76

featured skaters

Holiday On Ice '75 Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum

The opening night party was called "DiscoIce".

Guy W. Pigg at the controls

George and Jason discuss "Holiday On Ice"


Hello, Shelly!


Dave from Planet Mirror Ball


Renee Rutherford slides

Angel and Konii promote Dr. Pepper the T.S.T.I. Halloween dance (1985)


Tammy is from Wisconsin



Jeff Mac gets his 100th Dance Certificate

Loretta Morales (1970)

The completed PHOTO BOARD was 12 feet wide and 3 feet tall

Notre Dame HS Prom - Wichita Falls



Sarah Russell Y2K


Zona Faucett

Rick Ortega and Cindy in Borger


Sandra says talk to the hand. . . 

Sonya Cooper in Eunice, NM

Jeff Snickers at Chronmas '88

Konii Dalman attends 100 dances and gets a certificate.



                                                                         Konii's Z-93 jacket

Gary Fox                                                         Z-DJs 1978

Sylvia Loe

Mike Shain, Director of the M. S. Doss Youth Center in Seminole

attended his 300th AmaChron event April 4, 2009.

Peggy and Janet ran the Borger Youth Center in the '70s & '80s.

Teresa Douglas




                                                              Nancy Barrett


Tracie Bartlett



Elaine and Carl Gideon

Crazy Cleve's Game Train Dance Party was broadcast live on Z-93

PacJim at Crazy Cleve's

Jeri Dyson and Vincent Loe at DiscoDrip '75

Amarillo Pizza Huts Christmas Party (1975)



RW and Steve Perry

Dumas Pool Party (1986)


                          Robert Faucett dancing with Sandra



                                    Wm. R. Golden presents a shirt to Mike Soto


Tahoka, TX

#1 and Nancy


Blair Schaffer received his 500 DANCE certificate in 2001.

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