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April 3, 1970

Ron Chase cues up the first record at the first AmaChron dance.

Jubilee Roller Rink (April 3-4, 1970) Amarillo

Manager Danny Pitt

Listen to it on YouTube



West Texas A&M University had the only two week Band Camp in the state through (2019).

AmaChron The Entertainers did 395 WT Band Camp dances (1977-2019).


Tahoka, TX


Gaston and Joyce Williams 65th Wedding Anniversary, Amarillo Country Club, (June 24, 2016).

The music was from the late 40's and early 50's.


The wedding of Bill and LaNita Golden atop The Chase Tower (February 14, 2015).




"Thank You, Amarillo!" Ellwood Park (1978).

Mike Shain director of the M. S. Doss Youth Center in Seminole, TX (1979-2012) at his last dance / September 22, 2012. He attended 318 dances.

But he has returned to become Director of the center again as of February 2015!

"I am Light Man for Unit 1 tonight." 

Jim Elliott posted a #SELFIE from Band Camp Dance number 334 July 10, 2015


Two members of the W.T. Band Camp staff at the IN door (2015).



Potentate of the Amarillo Khiva Temple, Rodney Weaver, and wife, Kelli, dance

at the inaugural ball (January 26, 2013).


The Schaffer wedding (July 27, 2013).

WTAMU Camp Staff at AmaChron's 300th Band Camp Dance Tuesday (July 17, 2012).

The first AmaChron Band Camp Dance was the "Grand Ball" July 21, 1977.


The wedding of Lisa and Travis Lee (June 18, 2011) in Odessa, TX with Sarah and Andy Lange.

The wedding of Shaun and Jenna Struble in the Palo Duro Canyon amphitheater (9/10/11).


Carrie Morgan dances in the bubbles on her 17th birthday.


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Charla Driver with AmaChron Day '75 logo cake.

(Chuck Martin made the cake)


Nancy Wills created a one of a kind Z-93 tank top.



Dave Wilson with an APD officer

Jeri Dyson practicing for her "Audio Engineer License".

Low Mirror Ball in Tahoka (1980)


Dumas Junior High dance (March 1978).

AmaChron has done more than 200 dances in Dumas


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WT Band Camp Staff and AmaChron Crew at the 4,100th dance (July 1993)

dancer in pink at Lake Tanglewood (1977)

Teresa Douglas at a Eunice, NM costume dance.


Kevin Anthony and Tracie Bartlett



Jody Baker at a Borger Youth Center dance (1980)

Lisa Jones with a Klingon at Qark's Bar at the STAR TREK Experience in Las Vegas (2001).

Lisa dancing at West Texas University in (1976).


a prom (1983)

Gene Ellis, right, gets his 100th Dance Certificate (May 1991).





Maria Brunson, Dave Wilson, Tracie Bartlett

The Z-93 Duck and girls at Western Plaza Mall dance (1984).


Tim Butler, Joe Garrett, and other Z-93 staff

and baby makes 3


PJ with DP in Abilene. She was a Z-93 DJ.

Jonathan Washam at a WTSU street dance.

Kara Guthrie dances at New Year's Eve (1978) in the First National Bank underground.

Ron Chase with a flyer in (1977).

KPUR radio DJ,  Jay Evans, does a dance in Claude (August 9, 1975).

Girl on the Z sign at a Shamrock dance (1978)

Gina Monzingo In Perryton

Darren Fleming shooting some of these photos.



 "The Limbo" at WT Band Camp in 1999

"The Limbo" at WT Band Camp in 2012




Kathy, Blair, and Mrs. Reyna acknowledge the 6,000th dance in the Thompson Park Events Building.



Nancy Wills

"...even the cops danced with us..." Liberal, KS (1979)

Renee Rutherford & Rick Ortega in 1977

Dancers in the fog (1976).



Rhonda Miller

Craig Davis dances with Rhonda Miller at DicsoDolphin (August 22, 1975)



Tim Joe's Dolphin Swim Club

Jan Gilvin's "Sweet 16 Swim Party" was called DiscoDolphin

Chuck Martin and Michelle Free and Steve Russell is taller than Michelle


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Jené Jeandron with STAR WARS light sabers.

Lynn Tillotson and Andy Lange fight a duel at the STAR WARS dance (1978).

Sherri E writing her name in light at a swim/dance

Frank Johnson




Mike Shain, of the M. S. Doss Youth Center in Seminole TX, receives his 100th dance certificate (1988)

a worn out trunk with backstage passes (retired in 1983)

dancing the "Y M C A" at WT Band Camp (1993)

Peggy and Janet sponsoring the 100th Borger Youth Center dance (1982)

Ricky Ortega and a dancing girl somewhere


Ron Chase Z-93 "Welcome to Summer" dance at the Amarillo Civic Center (June 4, 1977)

piggyback in The Palisades (1976)


Chaperons at the 4600th dance

Super Starr Tahoka, TX

Starr Knox with Billy Phillips and Rodney Weaver



Stephanie Lewellyn was at the very first Randall High dance (September 16, 1988).




Steve Perry at the lightboard

Looking through 45s at the Holiday On Ice Show Premier Party (1975) Amarillo Civic Center


Michelle Free, Jeri Dyson, and Charla Driver at the Ellwood Park Dance-A-Thon (1975)

Eunice, NM Youth Center Dance    Sonya Cooper on the right


Jim, Mike, Kathy, and Kevin at a DOMINOES PIZZA dance (1990).

Blair and Rodney Downtown in 1997 to announce the Fair Parade

WT Band Campers in 1995

The Request Table

KQIZ was AM radio / Z-93 was FM radio. Yolanda is holding the stickers.

Kay Stanberry in the DISCO era (1977)




Konii Dalman


The 4400    Fanchun Little is wearing the yellow lei

1995 edition



Borger Youth Center Swim/Dance (1986)

Becky Potts (Super Model) at Frank Phillips College Pool Dance (August 1986).  photo by Cory Doyal



Spearman 4th of July (1985)

Rodney Weaver in 1982


Rodney blows fire (1978)  +DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME+

Billy Phillips "PYRO-MAN" blows fire (1978)   +DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME+

Borger Youth Center 4th of July Dance (1978)

Lynn Tillotson sings along.



Elaine, Andy, and Jennifer - 100th dance in Dimmitt


Jennifer Sumner with the One Millionth dancer, Heather Turner, in Seminole (1992)


a picture in front of the pictures



Andy and "Princess Leah" at Andrews Cruise Night (1988)

Micki Fields

Toga Party at Clarendon College


David Johnson earned his 500th dance certificate (1987)

Nancy Wills as a bunny

Sally Dean and staff in Eunice, NM for # 4300

a Caprock High homecoming dance


Howard College in Big Spring


Halloween at New Mexico State University in Carlsbad



Big Spring High School Luau Dance


Western Texas College in Snyder


The 205 girls never explained what 205 is.

Renée Rutherford

Sherene West

Sherene and Renée


The 2500th dance was at Caprock High School in Amarillo



Nancy Barrett at the ZTA Formal /Amarillo HILTON Ballroom (April 15, 1977)


Pretty tribute to 007

Z-93's Rick Walker (1981)

Nancy Wills looks on as Pat Jansen plays the music at Memorial Stadium July 4, 1981.




Eunice, NM dancers (Hey isn't that Keith Logan?)



Borger Youth Center (1980)


Jim Long and Kevin Hegwood

Andy Lange dancing in Tulia (1977)

Kathy Mackie at the turntables

Kevin Anthony


Charla Driver

Band Campers (2001)





Odessa High School group


Ricky Ortega


"Real Rock Renda" formerly of KPUR

Kara Guthrie



Doing the "Y M C A" at the Community Center in Pampa (1979)

"Y M C A" is the most played song in dance history.


Suzy from The Palisades

Charla Driver with Delwin Hinkle

Delwin Hinkle

Sharla Perry and the guys


Tami loves pizza at the Pizza Day Dance


Carla Optebeck (R)


Dalhart KISS Rockers


Big Spring High School costume dance (1986)


David Johnson cues a record in the 45 RPM era.

DJ B, Konii, Jim, and Angel at a WTSU Street Dance.


Andy Upton "Andrews Cruise Night" (1985)

Charla Driver

Youth Center Director Maria Brunson with Roger Fahnert during a Borger Youth Center dance.


Suzy McLaughlin

Z-93's 1st birthday (November 1977)


The first dance booked via cell phone was Pampa #154: (January 20, 1989) <> The call was made (December 20, 1988)

Rodney Weaver's 500th dance: Tascosa H. S. Halloween (October 31, 2009)

with daughter Kara

most other photos by Ronn Wood and a few by various crew members©

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