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more AmaChron photos from passed FAIRS

Hugh & Vicky Harris from the BIG TEXAN (1987)




Jené Jeandron (1978)


Dave Wilson in '87

Cell phones were really huge in 1991

Shamrock High School Band passes by (1974)

White Deer Band (1980)


Renee in '77

Konii & John in '87


Bill    Lou    Vicky    Hugh    in   1975



Mike, Blair, Michelle, Kevin (1989)




Brennan, Mike, Rodney

Rai at The BIG WHEEL



Lori Houghton 1974

Vicky Harris on the BIG TEXAN float

Dave Wilson and Guy W. Pigg announce the parade (1974)





Charla Driver and Michelle Free 1975

Southwestern Public Service Co. Exhibit 1968


Fair Officials (1970)

Billy and Wonder Woman (1977)

Deanna and Nancy Wills (1978)


AmaChron parade crew: Rodney, Bill, Aaron (1987)


Kathy Reyna



Melinda Sue Wood (1976)

Ralph and Beth (1988)

Carl Gideon (1976)

Suzy from The Palidades with Steve Perry (1976)

Bill Golden (1994) He played a quarter on YELLOW


Deanna Wills


Lane and Sierra (1996)


Parade on Taylor Street (1984)



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