Harold Twing (1943)

The building which once housed Twing's was destroyed by fire Nov. 27, 2010


Now this is really sad...an icon of our youth is gone.

It is one my fondest youthful memories. We were so poor and didn't even know it at the time but lived like we did not have a care in the world.

I watch American Graffiti every time it reruns and return to our youth for a couple of hours.

Its a shame the kids today cannot experience the good clean (?) fun we did. Harold Mason


This is really heart felt moment.  My grandmother was one of the cooks and a lifelong friend of Harold Twing and his family.  I was more comfortable going in the back door than the front and spent many hours watching them prepare food.  This was when everything was from scratch.  Those were such special times.  Harold, I didn't know you were poor.  Those were happy days -hugh-  thanks Selma   Connie Prescott Cole


 I remember a crazy night when my windshield was busted at Twings...but I was supposed to be home and decided I wanted to be with my buddies.......remember those days....anyway i loved my high school years and the people who went with it.. we had some really great years together...looking forward to our 45-year reunion...Carolyn Fritts Garrison


I have fond memories of Twings.  I didn't go there much until my senior year when I had  a car, but I made up for lost time then.  I would go by and pick up Mike McKean and sometimes Pat would go with us.  At 6'6" he had a very hard time sitting in the back seat of my '56 Ford two door hardtop, but he,being a great athlete, managed.  We would pull in and order a cherry coke or vanilla coke, or nothing and just sit there and see who showed up.  Then we would drag Polk Street and then back to T-Wings as coach Reddell called it.  Seems to me he told the football players to either steer away from T-Wings or be careful about going there.  I always heard of fights there, but never saw one, even though Randy Banks, Mike and one other friend, who I can not remember, thought we were going to be in one one time. Randy's was cool under pressure that night and his actions saved us.  Stanton Moore


I traveled to Twing's in my vehicle of choice, because I had no choice...the old '51 Chevy, two-door, fastback, 3 speed on the column, steering wheel the size of a large bus, no power anything, paint so oxydized that it looked like gray primer,  But all my friends, at least 2 or 3, (not Sue because she couldn't reach the pedals!) learned to drive a standard on the old "BOMB" we called it.  If you could drive it, you could drive anything!  We sat at Twing's for many hours in it, dragged Polk, circled through Hi-D-Ho, on over to Stanley's (where the BOMB was usually frowned upon), then backtracked all the way back to Twing's, trying to hook up with friends along the way.  I really don't think kids today have those kinds of hang-outs...it was great fun and great memories!  Joyce Wallace Gilbreath

I remember those fond days as well! I remember I would try to get my Dad to not go by there on the way home as I would be covered in dirt from plowing at the farm. The tractors, back in the day, did not have cabs or airconditioners. I guess Stanton was not there when Robert Cameron walked up to my Dad's pickup and hit right between the eyes because I was sweet on his girlfriend ,Natalie Schaffer. I remember being scared because he was a boxer in some club in Amarillo. I got out of the pickup and became a little buzz saw and won, It was a miracle! He called for his friends to help him and fortunately Alford Werner and Gary Williamson were with me. They stepped out of the pickup and his friends told him he had had enough. It was just like Happy Days back then and for the most part everyone in our class were such great people! I wish I would have been more appreciative of all ya! 

Happy Trails   Steve Denny


I can still remember the taste of their fried onion rings with a cherry Dr. Pepper.

I'll add a funny story about T-wings at Stan Moore's expense.  Stan was a neighbor two streets over and needless to say we played all sports together.  I was over at his house often for several years while at Whittier playing ball for his dad.  His older sister went to PD and had dated and was married to a PD Don fullback (a gentle giant)¦..sorry, I can't recall either of their names.  

But the funny story as a kid of 12 was listening to his visiting sis tell about how their very first date at Palo Duro High went.  

It started at T-wing's naturally.  Before going to the movie theater they pulled into T-wings for burgers and fries.  When the order came Stan's sis was having trouble with the squeeze bottle trying to put catsup on her fries.  She said it wasn't working.  Her date said, What do you mean?

So she pointed the bottle at him to show and said Watch.   She then squeezed the bottle but this time, as luck would have it, catsup sprayed all over the front of his clean white shirt.  Everyone in the room hearing the story busted out laughing at that image

Someone (I also don't recall) after hearing the story asked:  Did he get mad at you?  Stan's sis chuckled and said he might have then but he later asked me to marry him.   Sorry Stan!        Al Werner ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh, the great memories we all had of Twing's and Joyce's beloved Bomb.   We sat at Twing's so long at times I thought they would haul us away for loitering.  It is so sad to lose such a memorable part of our high school years.  Sue Buford Davis


Twings was like a second home to many of us,we never failed to cruse Twings no matter where we were going. Twings was like a little slice of life,the hub of the social scene(HA) LONG LIVE ITS MEMORY!!  David May

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I lived just a couple blocks from Twings so I was over there all the time. One of the best things was the Cookbook Bakery right across the street. There was always the smell of freshly baking bread in the air to go with the burgers and fries and onion rings. I could go for some of all that right now. Dave (David) Wilson -Class of 65


There are so many great memories of our days at PD, and just “hanging out” together at Twings was such a big part of those memories! So it sad to hear of the place burning down; certainly a big part of our history. But, oh , those good memories will remain with us!  Randy Holman


WOW!  What a surprise.  Twings was an icon- even for me as a youngun.  I had older cousins (David Hall's family)- they lived on Maple St.,
up the block from you, Mike.

And even though  I left Amarillo after the 6th grade, (at Robert E Lee???) I spent a couple of years at WTSU ( as it was called then), so visited Twings quite a few times.  It was definitely the "cool" hangout, and if I remember correctly,
Really good food as well.

I still have such fond memories growing up there, and playing sports with you guys!!!  So hard to believe 
That it has been 50 years ago...  My dad passed away this year in July.

I have a daughter attending Boston University as a junior, and have been married for 37 years.

I worked at EDS (Ross Perot), for most of my career and we were lucky enough to spend 10
Years in overseas assignments,---Europe, Australia, and Korea---and am now retired, playing lots of golf.

Hope everything is good in your lives!!  Ross Fox and I still talk a few times a year.       Jay Ward
I certainly knew Mr. Twing was Johnn Overstreet's uncle.  They seemed to have a special relationship.  I recall going inside with John and some other fellows a day or two after some of us had acted out in some fashion... probably peeling out in the parking lot or the like.  When we sat down at a booth Mr. Twing came right over and I expected we were about to receive a healthy talking to.  Instead he came over to say hello to John and asked about is family then took our orders.  As a gunner he must have had very steady nerves and as the owner/operator of Twings he needed them.  He was one of those "tough love" kind of guys.  I'm glad he was there when we were.
I also recall the re-naming of one of Twings' main dishes, the chicken fried steak burger.  I think Johnny Thompson jokingly called it the Brontosaurus Burger and soon thereafter you could order a "Bronto Burger" and they'd send out the old standby steak burger.   Clever one, John.
We all had lots of good times at Twings as these posts show.  They are all fun to read and remember... and Steve Denny getting a TKO in the first round!  Wow, what a buzz saw!  He had a couple of great guys in his corner, didn't he?  Yes, they are all fun to remember.  Thanks for passing them on.  Frank Evans


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