Stanton D. Moore


Comments from our Classmates:


1.      To the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame Committee: I’m honored to endorse the recommendation of Stanton Moore, PDHS Class of 1966, for induction into the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame. From my earliest memories of Stanton, going back to Cub Scouts, I always associate two words with him –– honorable and kind. Those are unusual words to attach to memories of someone from childhood and high school, but that simply underscores the authenticity of his character. It is deep, genuine and exceedingly admirable. Over the more recent years as so many of us from our class have sought to reconnect, I have been thoroughly impressed to learn about Stanton’s professional career as a public school coach and educator. Since my early school days at Whittier, Will Rogers and Horace Mann, there are key school teachers who have ranked in the highest echelon of my personal life heroes and heroines. I would imagine, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is a host of young adults who list Stanton Moore as one of their own life heroes today. As further testimony to Stanton’s honor, character and dignity, I would suspect that rarely if ever has your committee received such an outpouring of enthusiastic support for a nominee. After 43 years, you have received over 80 (at this moment) endorsements in a matter of a few weeks. I urge you to give careful consideration to that evidence. Please honor Palo Duro, the Hall of Fame and Stanton by approving this nomination. Grace and Peace, — Dennis A. Wilkinson, Class President, Class of 1966, Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Coppell, Texas, (

  1. Stanton does not need to win this award of being added to the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame in order to validate his outstanding high school career and his faithful contribution to education within the Amarillo Public School system for his true reward is found in the fond memories that have been retained by his classmates for nearly 45 years, by his contributions to the well-being of all his former players and students, and his faithful service as a child of God. However, it is difficult for me to conceive that there is another who is more deserving of this honor.. — Jack Tubbs, Waco, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  2. I did not know Stanton all that well in high school, but was delighted to learn that he was on the staff at Crockett Middle School when our sons were at Crockett. I strongly agree with the effort to nominate Stanton Moore to the PDHS HALL OF FAME. — Selma McClain Douglass, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  3. I wholeheartedly concur that Stanton is more than deserving of this award and recognition. He has always been a loyal “Don” and such a very caring and supportive person. Stanton was “Best Man” in my wedding, has continued to be a good friend over the years even though we haven’t seen each other regularly, and it has been good to see how he has continued to have a tremendous influence on the lives of many young people in his work in the school system. — Randy Holman, Lubbock, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  4. This sounds wonderful and on target. The Danforth material is great. Stanton never put anyone down in order to make himself important. He was important and had a sense of himself and his place in the greatest sense of the word humility. Good job. Blessings, — Reverend Susie Cashion, Crystal Beach, Florida, Class of 1966 (
  5. I played football through junior high and high school with Stanton. What I remember most about Stanton is that he came from good stock. Stanton’s father was a strong participant in his athletic accomplishments and all the team members knew and respected Mr. Moore. What I remember most about Stanton is his personality. Stanton exhibited everything we knew we should be, but were not ready to be. As the quarterback, he was always looked upon as the leader. This was not something he assumed. It was earned by hard work and accompanied by a gentle spirit. He never complained and never did anything of which we could criticize or be angry about. He was definitely “All Boy”; the kind of boy you could always rely on for a calm and correct answer for everything. It may not have been the answer we wanted to hear but it was always the right answer, in a gentle form. We all regarded Stanton as a fine athlete and a fine person. You would never find him trying to stand out in a crowd, but he was always recognized in a crowd. His character was exemplary as a leader and a model for all of us. I know we are all proud to know him and I am certain his father was one of the proudest fathers in the world, and maybe the second proudest Father in Heaven. As far as I’m concerned Palo Duro never had role model greater than Stanton Moore. It took many of us many years to become what Stanton wanted us to become. I’m sure many would agree that if we had a chance to do it all over again, we would all want to be more like Stanton. — Rex Hudson, Ovilla, Texas, Class of 1966 (
  6. I remember Stanton very well from Whittier, Travis and PDHS. He was an exemplary student and a good friend to all who knew him. Stanton had a kind spirit and was a good example of what qualities a leader should possess. It is apparent from his accomplishments that he has carried those same qualities throughout his life. I’m sure he as inspired many students throughout his career. I’m not surprised that Stanton has been nominated for the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame and I am honored to help in any way. — Peggy (Hendren) LaFavers, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966 (peggy–
  7. I knew Stanton back in the days of Travis Jr High and remember him getting the William H. Danforth Award. Stanton was always and will remain a Leader, but as a leader he still remained as a friend.Dwain McMahan, Frisco, Texas, Class of 1966 (
  8. It was an honor and privilege to be a classmate and close friend of Stanton’s from the 7th grade at Travis through graduation at Palo Duro. He participated in many sports and school events and excelled in all. His sportsmanship abilities stood out in all phases. He practiced his Christian ways in all walks of life. HE WAS AND STILL IS A VERY SPECIAL PERSON TO ME. — Beth Hammer Carroll, Grapevine, Texas, Class of 1966 (
  9. I would be honored to make a recommendation to help get Stanton Moore into the PDHS Hall of Fame. I have known Stanton since we were in Junior High School together at Travis. Although I lost track of Stanton after graduation from PDHS, I often heard of his many accomplishments as an adult. Stanton was part of a wonderful family while growing up. I can remember that his Mom and Dad were always at his ball games. Often times they would pick me up if I did not have a ride and bring me home. I had a crush on Stanton for many years, but more than anything I had respect for him. He was an excellent student, an excellent athlete, and was probably the most–well mannered and well behaved person in our school, both junior high and high school. I was not surprised to hear he had chosen a career in coaching and teaching. I can imagine that every student he had loved him and respected him, much as did all of his fellow students at Travis and PD. I cannot imagine any person that attended PDHS being more deserving of this award than Stanton. He has been a positive example to his peers since he was a young boy. Spending a lifetime teaching and coaching our children is such a special thing for someone to do. Stanton deserves to be appointed to the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Karen “Williams” Williams, Whitney, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  10. Stanton and I were assigned to the same homeroom class. At the beginning of the year, after we had been assigned lockers and those awful combination locks, I had put everything in the locker. The next morning, after homeroom, I was fumbling in my purse to find the combination numbers. Could not find them. I ran back to homeroom to get the combination again. Stanton must have had a locker near mine. The next day, well, there I was fumbling around for my combination again. Stanton offered to go get the combination for me, I am sure I must have looked so embarrassed! Anyway, after that he would just repeat the combination to me and flash that great smile. Yes, I finally remembered it – but so did everyone else! He was a white knight even then. Thank you Stanton. You so deserve this honor. — Connie Pryer Comer, Nashville, Tennessee, Class of 1966 (
  11. I was lucky enough to attend school with Stanton Moore at Whittier Elementary, Travis Jr. High, and Palo Duro High School. He was ALWAYS one of the nicest boys. Always polite, respectful and had a good sense of humor. Looking back, I realize now how rare these qualities are in adolescent males. I am not surprised he is still setting the bar high and continues to be a role model for all. Stanton Moore is a perfect nominee for our Palo Duro Hall of Fame! — Linda Hester Mayers, Ashland, Oregon, Class of 1966 (

13.  As a private school elementary student, I felt awkward and unsure of myself when I started public junior high school at William B. Travis in Amarillo. Of course, this was also the age when boys and girls began noticing each other. As I recall, Stanton was the first boy I had a crush on and it has brought me much joy to see that the traits he exhibited even as a child in junior high school were enhanced with maturity as he grew to be a man with purpose and integrity. I highly support his nomination for this honor. — Anita Nesthouse Moore, Liberty Hill, Texas, Class of 1966 (

14.  I went to school with Stanton from Whittier through Palo Duro and can honestly say he was always an exemplary student and classmate. Since high school, I have not had contact with Stanton but I am confident of his carrying on what was begun at an early age. I agree with the nomination of Stanton Moore for the PDHS Hall of Fame — Pat McQueen Burch, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966 (

15.  I remember Stanton as such a nice person and a positive leader of our Class of 1966. I saw him as always gracious and smiling. He was well liked and thought of. By the way, I went to Crockett in the 7th grade before we moved out to the base to go to Highland Park. I know he has done a great job there. — Susan Brown Raiford, Lewisville, Texas, Class of 1966 (

  1. I concur that Stan would be an excellent candidate for the PHS Hall of Fame. I knew him and his family casually many years, as we attended the same church in our formative years through high school. The one thing that always stood out to me about Stanton was his self–effacing attitude. He was extremely modest and humble about his accomplishments. If you knew of them, it was not because you learn of them from him. He let others tell of his awards and accomplishments. Stanton and I were in the same algebra class one semester in high school. Our teacher once told me what a good student he was and what an analytical mind he had. His education had taught him to think for himself. When we were tested we had to write out every step of how we had solved the problem and arrived at the answer. He said Stanton’s method of proof would be different from anyone else, but he would always arrive at the right answer. It would amaze him. Even with his mathematical background, he would not have thought of solving the problem in the same way. — Joy Fewell Ensign, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966 (
  2. I grew up with Stan at Whittier Elementary as we lived just two streets away. I knew his dad, A.J.; mom, Jewel; younger brother, Kent; older sister, Karin and husband, Leo Brittain. Stan was a leader in all of the organized and interscholastic team sports that we played. Our relationship began in 1959 with the summer YMCA baseball for his dad, A.J. while we were age 11, – his mom hauling us to practice each day in the summer. We finished out in 1966 as seniors for the Amarillo PDHS Baseball Dons. He was my best friend growing up. He touched the lives of my family and me. Unquestionably, Stan faced many leadership issues and never faltered. He always had the fortitude and did the right thing no matter the situation. In school, out of school, on the field, off the field, Stan had a positive influence on my early life decision–making. This nomination comes as absolutely no surprise. — Al Werner, Senior Engineer, Lockheed Martin Aerospace Company, Fort Worth, Texas, Class of 1966 (
  3. Stanton Moore is the perfect person from the Class of ‘66 to be nominated as our first member of the PDHS Hall of Fame. In thinking about his nomination, I looked back over the copies of the Conquistador covering our three years at Palo Duro. I was quickly reminded, but not surprised, that Stanton was a prominent member of our class from the beginning of our sophomore year. He was, and is, universally liked while being respected by the entire class for his outgoing, engaging personality, and his willingness to help all who needed it. His admirable career as an educator has been an extension of his desire to reach out to others to help them become better people. I can think of no one who is more deserving of this honor than our friend, Stanton Moore. — Jeff Bonzon, Truckee, California, Class of 1966, (
  4. Sign me up for support of Stanton also. What a great guy and teammate he was. — Bob Schlinkman, Frisco, Texas , Class of 1966, (
  5. My vote is definite yes. My recollections were always positive on him and he certainly has done well in his career which is not a big surprise. — Carolyn Fritts Garrison, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  6. Stanton is a great representation for the Class of 66! — Beverley Haynes Jackson, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Class of 1966, (
  7. Please add my name to the nomination of Stanton Moore. — Tom Beck, Branson, Missouri, Class of 1966, (
  8. I totally support this nomination. — Peggy Phelan Barstow, Boerne, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  9. I did not know Stanton all that well in high school. I strongly agree with the effort to nominate Stanton Moore to the PDHS HALL OF FAME. I think that will be great. — Peggy Rutledge Sprang, Amarillo, Class of 1966, (
  10. I have known Stanton Moore since 1963. I could list all sorts of reasons he should be a Hall of Fame inductee, but first and foremost he is a man of God, a great husband, father, son, friend, and he has dedicated his career to working with kids as an educator, coach, counselor, and Sunday school teacher. To me he is exactly the definition of what we should all aspire to be. I am honored to call him FRIEND. — David May, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  11. Stanton is a swell guy, I concur with this nomination. — Doug Slay, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  12. I think a lot of Stanton Moore. — Mike Payne, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (does not have e–mail address)
  13. While I did not know Stanton as well as some of you may have, I do remember his very positive attitude and his quiet, shy smile. He was and is a “shining” example of the kind of person our parents wanted us to be. What a wonderful honor it is for one of our own classmates to be nominated for such a prestigious award. To all of you, Hello!! The days we spent at Palo Duro will always be a part of some of the most important days of our lives. They molded us, made us into what we are today, and even though our memories may be a little bit dimmer each year, we were still part of a great school and great nation. — Donna Cockrell Davis, Burton, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  14. I highly support the nomination of Stanton Moore to the Palo Duro Hall of Fame. I remember Stanton from high school as one who demonstrated immeasurable kindness to all. I know he has touched many lives and became an incredible teacher, counselor and coach and a blessing to all that are fortunate enough to know him. — Emily Callender Duncan, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  15. It was wonderful to read about the life of Stanton Moore after high school. It would seem Stanton has had an awesome impact on the lives of many young people over the years. I went all through school with Stanton, first grade through graduation. Stanton was a very nice boy with a smile on his face and very kind to everyone. As he grew to be a young man, he was always very nice and always had a smile for everyone. It seems he has retained those qualities throughout his life and developed many more wonderful qualities. I am very proud to support his nomination into the PDHS HALL OF FAME. — C. Ann (Wakefield) Bredfield, Castle Rock, Washington, Class of 1966, (
  16. I agree with the nomination of Stanton Moore to PDHS HALL of FAME. Stan and I go back to our sophomore year. He was a real leader at that time and continues that attitude to the present time. We played football together and we became good friends. Stan was the quarterback and I was the center. Today, when I come back to Amarillo, I always call him. He makes me feel welcome and happy that I called him. I remember Stan always had kind words for everyone. You can’t go wrong with this nomination. — Jerry M. Sadler, Citrus Heights, California, Class of 1966, (
  17. Put me on the list as supporting Stanton’s Hall of Fame nomination. Ron Davis, Doha-Qatar, Class of 1966, (
  18. Stanton was such a wonderful person. — Judy Mahaffee, Gainesville, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  19. I support this nomination. — Tommy Gilbert, Amarillo, Texas Class of 1966, (
  20. I support the nomination of Stanton Moore to the PDHS Hall of Fame. I haven’t kept up with him through the years but it sounds like his career has been dedicated to the betterment of others, a quality I believe is key to this nomination. — Joyce Wallace Gilbreath, Dallas, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  21. I remember Stanton as a gentleman, a great athlete and a friend. Although I lost touch with him after high school, it is a pleasure to support his nomination to the PDHS Hall of Fame. It is an honor to know someone whose dedications have touched the lives of so many. — Peggy Ammons Derryberry, Arlington, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  22. I did not know Stanton well in high school but was in classes with him. His HS record clearly reflects that he represented the student body as a PDHS student in an outstanding manner. Stanton has, over the years, made and continues to make significant contributions within his community and is well–deserving of this nomination to the Hall of Fame. I strongly support the nomination of Stanton Moore to the PDHS HALL OF FAME. — Sandra Murphy, Round Rock, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  23. I first met Stanton Moore when we were in the ninth grade. He was always friendly and approachable to everyone he met. I strongly support his nomination for the PDHS HALL OF FAME. — Paul Neese, Belton, Texas, Class of 1966 (
  24. An excellent nomination. — Judy Dosher Kautz, Decatur, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  25. Stanton would be a great choice. Add me to the list. — Phillip Fristoe, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  26. Add my enthusiastic support to honor Stanton. I remember well his strong, quiet character in high school. His life of service in education is a stellar example of what a committed Christian can do. He has obviously made a real difference in the lives of countless young people. Add my name to his nomination. — Frances Carter Jackson, Pearland, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  27. What an honor and pleasure it is to nominate Mr. Stanton Moore for the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame. Although I did not know Stanton well during our high school years, I always respected and admired him from a distance as a leader and roll model for the Palo Duro Class of 1966. During the years that followed our graduation, I would hear about Stanton and his devotion to education and public service. The role model he became, and the young lives he has touched over the years, leaves many success stories along the way. Stanton truly represents the proud tradition of what Palo Duro High School has instilled within us all. — Kathie Weaver Schoepf, Granbury, Texas, Class of 1966. (
  28. I concur with the nomination of Stanton Moore. — Sue Buford Davis, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  29. Add my name to the list of nominations. — Jo Helen McMorries Irwin, Marrero, LA, Class of 1966, (
  30. I would like to offer my support for Stan. — Terry Finnegan, Lakewood, Colorado, Class of 1966, (
  31. I am recommending Stanton Moore, Class of ‘66 for the Palo Duro Hall of Fame. Although I did not know him well, his reputation spoke volumes for him. Throughout his life he has demonstrated leadership and self–less dedication, whether it was leading the High School football team or inspiring children in the classroom. I personally have a great deal of respect for individuals who choose the teaching profession. The pay is poor and the hours are long. However, the impact teachers have on their students often lasts a lifetime. Throughout his career, Stanton has maintained his dedication to his profession and his students while guiding them to become solid citizens of our society. Thank you for your consideration. — Andy Scherer, Bellevue, Washington, Class of 1966, (
  32. I barely knew him, but his credentials speak for themselves. He has my vote for the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame. — Don Brubaker, Santa Clara, California, Class of 1966, (
  33. Add me to the supporters for Stanton Moore. — Greg King, Rockville, Maryland, Class of 1966, (
  34. I support this nomination. — Gary Cameron, Denver, Colorado, Class of 1966, (
  35. I remember Stanton Moore as a standard bearer of high character and leadership at Palo Duro High School. Since then, Stanton has spent his life mentoring young people in the attributes of integrity, team–work, leadership, hard work, and high moral character. Stanton Moore has been a cornerstone in the successful development of thousands of fine young American citizens. What higher calling could a man have? I believe Stanton Moore is precisely the kind of man we should honor in the Palo Duro Hall Of Fame. — Robert D. Fleer, Eagle River, Alaska, Class of 1966 (
  36. I would like to be a part of the nomination of Stanton Moore to the Palo Duro Hall of Fame. I remember Stanton as always being a young man of character and a leader in our class. His accomplishment after Palo Duro shows that he has carried out that character with integrity, I am pleased to nominate Stanton Moore for the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame. — Pam Pruett Hill, Star, Idaho, Class of 1966, (
  37. I have known Stan since our elementary days at Whittier. I also knew his Mom and Dad and the rest of his family. Remembering Stan the way I do, it does not surprise me at the achievements and the accomplishments that he has had since graduating from PDHS. Stan had the attitude and the personality to be the best he could be in school, sports and family life and it sounds like it carried on after PDHS. Stan definitely has my support for PDHS Hall of Fame. — Rusty Waldrop, Tioga, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  38. I want to add my voice to all those in the PDHS class of 1966 who are enthusiastic about the possibility of Stanton Moore being inducted into the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame. I attended both junior high and high school with Stanton. During those six years Stanton consistently distinguished himself as an athlete and an honor student, and Stanton was an authentically good person. When I think of Stanton I think of a classmate who was friendly, accepting, and supportive of all his classmates. His spiritual moorings were strong. What I know of Stanton since our days at Palo Duro, I am convinced those same traits continue with him today. Like Stanton, my career is in education. I know Stanton’s character creates great educators, and I know Stanton’s character made a positive difference in the lives of his students and his colleagues. I join the class of 1966 in stating that Stanton Moore is an excellent choice for membership in the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame. — Jimmy Case, Alpine, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  39. I concur with the nomination of Stanton Moore. — Ronn Wood, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  40. Gary and I are completely in favor of the nomination of Stanton. We do recall what a wonderful individual he is and we think he is very deserving of this award and hope it happens. — Gary & Carolyn Wilson Thompson Marshall, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966 & 1966, ( &
  41. I support Stanton Moore. — Less Whitaker, Keller, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  42. There is no one more deserving than Stanton Moore to represent the class of 1966 as a member of the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Gene Jackson, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Class of 1966, (
  43. Add me to the list. I think Stanton should be nominated. — Robert Hodges, Orlando, Florida, Class of 1966, (
  44. I recommend Stanton Moore for the Palo Duro Hall of Fame. He has not only represented our class of 1966 well, but he has been an outstanding representative for the whole school. He is a role model for all Amarillo students. — Linda Whitaker Gray, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  45. Stanton was always a great role model and I fully support his nomination to the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Carolyn Dabney Van Winkle, Arlington, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  46. I haven’t seen much of Stanton since graduation, but it sounds like he has spent a lot of the time giving back to his community, no matter where that community was located. And, he taught his children to do the same. What better inspiration to have in the Hall of Fame. — Paula Betty Martin, Arlington, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  47. I cannot think of a finer person or more deserving of this honor for class of 1966 than Stanton Moore. — Johnnie Shannon, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (cashfortitles@nts–
  48. I don’t remember him, but I will nominate him. — Betty Needham Seabolt, Roanoke, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  49. This is a nomination of Stanton D. Moore as a candidate for the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame. As I remember Stanton was always a motivator of leadership for all of his classmates. Stanton always showed everyone respect and a caring attitude. — Debrah Nivens Gomez, Snyder, Texas, Class of 1966, (debrah–
  50. I think Stanton Moore is an excellent example of a PDHS graduate deserving a place in the PDHS Hall of Fame. Besides being an outstanding student in high school, he has dedicated his life to bettering the lives of young people through his career of coaching, teaching, and counseling and also through his church. He has continued this even after retiring through part time teaching. I ask that he be awarded a place in the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Joe Dial, Canadian, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  51. Who could be more deserving of this award than Stanton Moore? What a shining example to represent the class of 1966. — Janice Perkins Easterday, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  52. I did not know Stan very well, but I know he has integrity, character and a love for his old school Palo Duro. Please add my name to the list for his nomination to the P.D. Hall of Fame. — Pam Garner Dunlap, Victoria, Australia, Class of 1966, (
  53. I concur with this nomination. — Sharon Emberton Deal, Delores, Colorado, Class of 1966, (
  54. You can add me to the list for Stanton, please. — Natalie Shaffer Klingler, Peoria, Arizona, Class of 1966, (
  55. I also strongly agree with the effort to nominate Stanton Moore to the PDHS Hall of Fame...I remember Stanton as being shy and reserved, and slightly reluctant to be a leader. In retrospect, he was a humble person who walked in a great deal of integrity. What I admired about Stanton, was the relationship he had with his father. A.J. Moore was a man of strong character, always encouraging Stanton and his teammates. Apparently Stanton inherited the same character traits. Stanton’s life is exemplified in the scripture found in 1 Peter 5:6 “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.” “And let him who thirsts come, And whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.” Rev. 22:17 — Phillip Fajardo, Austin, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  56. Please add my name to the list. — Frank Evans, Vernier, Switzerland, Class of 1966, (
  57. I want to vote for Stanton he was always a very nice person all thru school. — Janice Shannon Deaver, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  58. I have known Stanton since the age of 6. We began playing softball at that age for Stanton’s Father, A.J. Moore. I spent many nights at Stanton’s house sleeping over. Even then, Stanton was a thoughtful, considerate human being. He was brought up to be truthful, honest and considerate by his parents. A.J. Moore was one of the finest men I have ever met, and Stanton has followed right in his father’s footsteps. Although we have lost touch over the years, I have recently found that his Mother lives in the same retirement complex as my Mother and Father, and we have renewed our friendship. Stanton visits his mother quite often, and I see him there occasionally. Stanton loves his family, and spends endless hours making sure everyone is ok. Stanton epitomizes what most men hope to achieve: An honest, caring individual, with little thought of himself, and unafraid to make himself available to others. I find him to be the most honest, caring individual I have been around in quite some time. I am truly honored to call Stanton my friend, and I hope that he feels the same. In Closing, I am, Michael C. Kennedy, Richmond, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  59. Leadership is made up of values and Stanton has shown all the values I think make up a good leader: Ethical – “always doing the right thing”, Commitment “ by being here to stay”, Success “by consistently achieving his target goals”, Excellence “by continually getting better” and Dynamic “By pursuing strategic opportunities. I want to acknowledge all of his achievements and hope the committee for PDHS Hall of Fame will also acknowledge his previous accomplishments. — Louise Murphey Neely, Irving, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  60. I would like to recommend also that Stanton Moore be inducted into the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Mary Fewell McGee, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  61. Sandy and I both would like to nominate Stanton Moore to the PD Hall of Fame. — Bill (Class of 1966) & Sandy Rickwartz (Class of 1966) Black, Amarillo, Texas, (
  62. I agree with this nomination — Charlotte Skaggs Coston, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  63. I strongly agree that Stanton Moore should be nominated to the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame.Steve Pennington, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  64. I will gladly vote Stanton for the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Floyd Johnson, Norwalk, California, Class of 1966, (
  65. Response for Stanton Moore. He would be a Great Addition to the PD Hall of Fame because he has always made a great IMPRESSION but, bigger than that is his IMPACT he has had on lives especially in the Amarillo area. We would all hope to have that kind of impact on people we come in contact with, our relatives, friends and acquaintances. He has been the same for all the nearly 50 years I have known him. — Rick Thomas, Hurst, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  66. We support this nomination. — Ron (Class of 1965) & Dorothy Robinson (Class of 1965) Elliott, Amarillo, Texas, (
  67. I fully support his nomination. The class of ‘66 needs to get someone in and Stanton is a great choice. — Jim Adams, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  68. While I didn’t know Stanton when I attended PDHS, I can see that he has been a fine representative of our outstanding class of citizens. Please list me as a supporter of his induction into the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Larry Dewey, Bedford, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  69. I agree with this nomination. Nawana Vibbard Hunkapillar, Calera, Oklahoma, Class of 1966, (
  70. Add my name to the list — Mark H. Sellmyer, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  71. I do remember Stanton and thanks to our great networking, I have been able to keep up with his accomplishments. I know he is very a great nominee. Jeanie Bird Martin, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  72. I would like to add my support to the nomination of Mr. Stanton Moore, Palo Duro High School class of 1966 to the Palo Duro Hall of Fame. Stanton has a proven track record of leadership and service, starting in high school and continuing through today. Stanton’s professional life has been spent in developing the youth of Amarillo, first as a teacher and coach and later as a counselor. As a counselor Stanton has helped many students in developing their career path. Stanton’s children have followed in their fathers path of service, another example of his influence on the youth of Amarillo. Again I would like to add my support for Stanton Moore being selected for the Palo Duro Hall of Fame. — Leigh Bratcher, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  73. It is with great pleasure that I can fully endorse Stanton’s nomination for induction into the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame. Stanton was and is a man of the highest standard of integrity and character. He was the best man in our wedding, as he was on many occasions, and he has been a dear friend for nearly 45 years. He has been an outstanding husband, father, teacher, counselor, church member, and citizen in the AISD and Amarillo. He is very deserving to be awarded this honor and he will represent the Hall with dignity. — Anita Langston Tubbs, Waco, Texas, Class of 1966 (
  74. Please add my name to the list for nominating Stanton for this recognition from our class. He is an overall great guy and has been a great role model and person that his parents would have been very proud of. I am sure his wife and daughters are also. I totally agree with this nomination. — Linda Blassingame Cerrone, Mount Airy, Maryland, Class of 1966, (
  75. I agree with the nomination of Stanton Moore to the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Nancy Lamb Thompson, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  76. I can think of no one more deserving of PDHS Hall of Fame than Stanton More. I remember him as a competitive athlete, good student and kind to everyone. Stanton was a real favorite of his classmates from elementary through high school. I whole–heartedly support him for this honor. — Darla Greathouse Wisdom, Grand Prairie, Texas, Class of 1966 (
  77. I agree with this nomination. — Janette Ballew Moss, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (does not have e–mail address)
  78. Please add my name to this list. I definitely would support Stanton to the Hall of Fame. I remember him well. I had a huge crush on him way back when. He is an awesome person and sincerely deserves this honor. — Beverly Walls Akins, Denton, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  79. Stanton Moore is one of those few individuals that can bring a smile to your face when the memories flood back. At this age, there are so many names and faces from my early years that I simply have not retained…this is not true of Stanton. Stanton was always friendly, caring, and intelligent. These qualities leave a life–long impression on those that know him – as a strong, good heart is so very visible and unforgettable. Mr. Stanton Moore is deserving of recognition as one of Palo Duro’s outstanding graduates – and the Palo Duro Hall of Fame deserves to proudly call him a member of their very elite group of individuals. — Glenda Jones King, Edmond, Oklahoma, Class of 1966, (
  80. I agree with the nomination of Stanton to the PD Hall of Fame. — Ray Rockhold, Iowa Park, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  81. I proudly nominate Stanton Moore into the Palo Duro High School of fame. I have known Stanton since we were students in Travis Junior High School. He has always exuded a quiet confidence and faith that is felt by everyone he meets. He has dedicated his professional life to teaching and in this career he has touched many lives. He continues to be an inspiration to his classmates of 1966. — DeeDee Hill–Morgan, Keller, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  82. Although I didn’t know Stanton well in high school I always knew that he was an outstanding classmate. Stanton has always been a kind gentleman, a good scholar and athlete and has exemplified an upstanding man of integrity. I have had associations a few times with Stanton as an adult working with the Amarillo Independent School District. I didn’t work directly with him but heard many speak of his contribution to the well–being of youth in our school district. Stanton is well respected by his peers and much loved by his students over the years. I believe he is truly deserving of this honor and I would be proud for Stanton to represent the class of 1966. — Phyllis Hickmott Shewbert, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (
  83. I concur with the nomination of Stanton to the PD Hall of Fame. — Kay Currie Jones, Dumas, Texas, Class of 1966, (

99.  I have known Stanton Moore since 1959.  We competed against each other in little league athletics, and then began school at Travis Jr. High as classmates. Having known Stanton for 50 plus years, I can say that he not only has been a model student, but outstanding, citizen, educator, and a great friend. His character far exceeds that of anyone I know. During our school years, I visited his home on several occasions, and was always impressed with his parents. Stanton was raised by loving parents who took a great deal of interest, and involvement in his education, athletics, social, and religious activities. It is any wonder that Stanton is the person that he is. Stanton has been a natural leader on and off the field, which has gained him the admiration of those who know him. His nomination is a great choice to represent our class. — Boyd (Class of 1966) & Kay Kelly (Class of 1966) Raef, Duncanville, Texas, (

100.   My personal remembrance dates back to our elementary grade school days about 1959. We played YMCA baseball, Kids, Inc. football and basketball.  Our dads coached our respective teams. Through our junior high school days we continued to compete against each other in all sports, again our fathers were on the baseball diamonds during the summer. Stan played at Whittier and Travis, while I played at Robert E. Lee and Horace Mann. During our days at Palo Duro High School, we became best friends. At school events, our biggest fans (his mom & dad always sat next to my parents) were always there together. We attended class, played athletics, worked out for high school and collegiate athletics, double–dated and shared our lives. Our parents never worried while we were together. Stanton’s integrity, Christian faith and values, and competitive spirit have contributed to his success as a person, father, coach, leader, educator and friend. — Mike McKean, Decatur, Texas, Class of 1966, (