Joyce Elaine Wallace Gilbreath

Comments from our Classmates:

1.         To the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame Committee: Joyce Wallace always seemed to have everything going for her! She was very pretty, very popular, very energetic, very smart and to my memory, always seemed very happy. She was a vivacious young lady. That's why it has thrilled me to discover over the years that such a gifted woman decided to avoid the shallow pursuit of the trivial facets of popular culture, choosing instead a vocation which serves the least among us in this world, the marginalized, the hungry, the overlooked. How wonderful to know that her considerable gifts and talents have been consistently given away through her work to people who can only dream about such blessings. As befits the wisdom of the faith Joyce professes with her words, her actions confirm that she has been blessed in life SO THAT she may be a blessing to others. I am so proud that she is a friend and classmate and I hope the committee would claim that same pride for Palo Duro High School by installing Joyce Wallace into the Hall of Fame. — Dennis A. Wilkinson, Class President, Class of 1966, Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Coppell, Texas, (

2.         I agree with this nomination. — Selma McClain Douglass, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (

3.         Absolutely! Couldn’t think of a better person. Joyce would be a perfect candidate for PDHS Hall of Fame. — Darla Greathouse Wisdom, Grand Prairie, Texas, Class of 1966, (

4.         It is my honor to nominate Joyce Wallace Gilbreath into the Palo Duro High School Hall of Fame. Joyce, thank you for what you are doing for humanity. — Al Werner, Fort Worth, Texas, Class of 1966, (

5.         I whole–heartedly agree with the nomination of Joyce. I had no idea she was involved in such a worthy cause. — Stanton Moore, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (

6.         I agree with this nomination. — Carolyn Wilson Marshall, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (

7.         Joyce’s nomination is wonderful. — Judy Dosher Kautz, Decatur, Texas, Class of 1966, (

8.         Add me to the list....Joyce certainly deserves to be recognized for many reasons. — Carolyn Fritts Garrison, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

9.         I agree with the nomination for Joyce. — Debrah Nivens Gomez, Snyder, TX, Class of 1966, (

10.      I happily agree with the nomination of Joyce Wallace Gilbreath to the Palo Duro Hall of Fame. What an inspiration she is to all! — Peggy Ammons Derryberry, Arlington, TX, Class of 1966, (

11.      I would like to add my name to the nomination.  I have not seen Joyce for many years but she has always been a wonderful person in the time I knew her, and deserving of being recognized. — Lynn Kentosh Karabinas, Tuscon, AZ, Class of 1966, (

12.      Absolutely! — Anita Nesthouse Moore, Austin, TX, Class of 1966, (

13.      Count me in. I’m a big fan of Joyce. — David May, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

14.      Good Nomination. — Jim Chris King, Walkertown, NC, Class of 1966, (

15.      Excellent Nomination. — Gary Cameron, Denver, CO, Class of 1966, (

16.      Joyce would be an excellent person to nominate.  It takes a God called passion to do what she does. May God bless her. — Jerry Smith, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

17.      Add my support to Joyce for her nomination. Thanks,  — Rick Thomas, Hurst, TX, Class of 1966, (

18.      I support Joyce’s nomination into the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Susan L. Brown Crouse, Richardson, TX, Class of 1966, (

19.      I agree with the nomination. — Don Brubaker, Santa Clara, CA, Class of 1966, (

20.      Count me in. How could we not recognize a work such as this? As we all know, people who are involved in work such as this are not expecting recognition. The work speaks for itself. “Well Done, my good and faithful servant”…“In as much as ye have done it for the least of these…” — Rex Hudson, Ovilla, TX, Class of 1966, (

21.      Please add both of us to that list! — Gene (Class of 1966) and Beverley (Class of 1966) Haynes Jackson, Tulsa, OK, (

22.      An awesome ministry, loving people to Christ. I place my name on the list to nominate Joyce. — Tom Beck, Branson, MO, Class of 1966, (

23.      I agree with nomination of Joyce Gilbreath. — Peggy Phelen Barstow, Boerne, TX, Class of 1966,

24.      This is the first I have heard of it, but I think it is a great idea. Count me in. — Jim Case, Alpine, TX, Class of 1966, (

25.      This is an awesome recognition. — Steve Pennington, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

26.      Sounds good to me. — Pattie Hicks Cartwright, Lubbock, TX, Class of 1966, (

27.      You have my vote for Joyce. — Earl Fox, Jr., North Little Rock, AR, Class of 1966, (

28.      Add me to the list. Thanks, — Johnnie Shannon, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

29.      I agree. — Joe Dial, Canadian, TX, Class of 1966, (

30.      She was a leader in school and appears to be a leader for mankind and God. What more credentials does she need than those two? I would certainly vote for her. — Steve Denny, Willcox, AZ, Class of 1966, (

31.      Absolutely!!!! — Sue Buford Davis, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

32.      I am pleased to add my support for Joyce's nomination. — Jeff Bonzon, Truckee, CA, Class of 1966, (

33.      This is a great idea to nominate Joyce! What a joy she is and has always been to all of us who know her!  I join others in saying how proud we are of her and certainly believe she is very worthy of this nomination! — Randy Holman, Lubbock, TX, Class of 1966, (

34.      Joyce is such an inspiration. — Janice Shannon Deaver, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

35.      Add my name to the list! She is an amazing person well deserving of the nomination! — Ann Wakefield Bredfield, Castle Rock, WA, Class of 1966, (

36.      Joyce would be an excellent choice for Don Hall of Fame. She was a leader then and a global leader now. Good luck now. — Jerry Sadler, Citrus Heights, CA, Class of 1966, (

37.      Add me to the list supporting Joyce for the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Susan Brown Raiford, Lewisville, TX, Class of 1966, (

38.      I support Joyce for this nomination. — Jean Ledbetter Jones, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

39.      Excellent nomination. — Lavonna Woods Davis, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

40.      Joyce’s work is God’s blessing. — Nancy Lamb Thompson, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

41.      A special person for God’s work. — Phillip Fristoe, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

42.      Joyce would be a great addition to the Nominations. — Rick Purdy, Carrollton, TX, Class of 1966, (

43.      I agree. — Less Whitaker, Keller, TX, Class of 1966, (

44.      Please add my name to Joyce's nomination list. — Frank Evans, Vernier, Switzerland, Class of 1966, (

45.      Joyce is a special person. — Ronn Wood, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

46.      I think Joyce would be a great nomination from our class. — Terry Finnegan, Lakewood, CO, Class of 1966, (

47.      Joyce is doing God’s work. — Betty Needham Seabolt, Roanoke, TX, Class of 1966, (

48.      Outstanding nomination, Joyce Wallace. — Doug Slay, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

49.      I am all for the nomination of Joyce Wallace into the PDHS Hall of Fame. — Gary Marshall, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

50.      Thank you for the opportunity to support Joyce and her work. — Bob Hodges, Orlando, FL, Class of 1966, (

51.      I concur with the nomination of Joyce Wallace Gilbreath to the PDHS Hall of Fame. Hardly anything could be more noble or worthy than effort to alleviate human suffering. — Joy Fewell Ensign, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

52.      Please add my name / support to the list in favor of nominating Joyce. Her story is inspiring to all of us. This gives us the opportunity as a group to recognize her accomplishments and celebrate her dedication. — Paul Neese, Belton, TX, Class of 1966, (

53.      Definitely. — Susie Cashion, Crystal Beach, FL, Class of 1966, (

54.      Please add Larry and I to the list for Joyce's nomination. — Larry (Class of 1966) and Paula (Class of 1966) Betty Martin, Arlington, TX, (

55.      I agree that this is a great nomination. — Jerry Ashton, Amarillo, TX, Class of 1966, (

56.      I want to include my sincere recommendation for Joyce Wallace to represent our Class of 1966 in the Palo Duro Hall of Fame. She has obviously led an exemplary life of unselfish giving and unfailing love for her fellow human beings. I only wish I had devoted even a fraction of the time and energy that she has to helping those people who are not just less fortunate than us, but desperately in need. The world is a much better place with Joyce Wallace in it. — Andy Scherer, Bellvue, WA, Class of 1966, (

57.      You can put my vote in for Joyce. — Ray Rockhold, Iowa Park, TX, Class of 1966, (

58.      Sign me up!  I've been a huge fan since we were cheerleaders together at Horace Mann. — Linda Benson Kelly, Alexandria VA, Class of 1966, (

59.      I think Joyce is a GO! — Jeanne Ownsby McCubbin, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (

60.      Joyce’s work deserves nomination. — Louise Murphey Neely, Irving, Texas, Class of 1966, (

61.      I vote to nominate Joyce Wallace. — Kay Currie Jones, Dumas, Texas, Class of 1966, (

62.      I think Joyce Wallace would be a good one to nominate. — Gary Moore, Amarillo, Texas, Class of 1966, (