I have liked the show for years, I watch it about once a month. I have picked out a various number of little things that are different.

When the column of tanks followed by the Engineer Unit make thier way towards Kelly, and the bunch. Oddball's pants are soaked with water,  when he dismounts his pants are dry.

When they enter the town, and they stop at the corner of the street. Kelly splits, and Oddball hangs on to the barrell as he jumps down. The whole barrel assembly bobs up and down. Must be some pretty loose bearings in that turret. (I spent 8 yrs in a Canadian Armoured Unit in the 1970's)

At the end of the show, it showed the Panzer SS Commander jumping off his tank to meet with "The Good, the bad, and the ugly" group. He later says after he get's his share of the gold. We go now. Who is the "We" I thought he was in the tank by himself, as now one else dismounted.


I have the understanding that Sherman's mounted 75mm guns, Oddball says it was a 76mm.


I LUV this movie cuz it portrays the American soldier as he really is, a good
guy who isn't all glory and guts, but will fight and DIE, it shows what the
daily grind is like day in day out of complete sh**!!, my whole family is
either a veteran of WW2 or Vietnam so to me this movie just helps me picture
how they felt sometimes, and in the words of Big Joe "There's no action
here!!", and I can honestly saw many of my family said the same things when
the were serving


Just found your site after searching AltaVista.  Definitely one of
the (actually #1 in my book) best every made, with others such as
Where Eagles Dare and Tora Tora Tora.  I remember having a large
book on the making of war movies that had many interesting facts about
the movie.  But, I haven't seen the book in years. The page were
about 2' by 1', spiral bound and had tons of pictures and background

Think your site is great and I look forward to checking out all of its
contents.  Good luck with your site.

       -Mike B.


Hello, I found your page looking for the "Burning Bridges" song of this
GREAT film.. do you know where to find thid BEUTIFUL SONG ( if possible on
MP3) Big thanks and nice to meet you


I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!  I never thought I would find
another who was a big "Kelly's Heroes" fan!  What a
relief!  For a minute, I thought there was something
wrong with me.  I loved your page.  Hope to see more
on it.


I am a big fan of kelly's heroes, it is one of my favourite films, which I have seen many times, oviously the film is a load of bollucks, but i still like it alot, especially the bit where ood balls and moriarties tank breaks down, whilst fighting the scar faced CROUTS tank, and odd ball breaks out the deck chair and plonk..  Good stuff.
Ok, its no classic but it is a bloody good laugh, with most excellent and daft characters.
I just want you to know that i am not a " PAINTED ARSE " for liking this film.
bye bye.


This movie has it all, action, great characters, laughs, cool battles, and a unique story.  What more do you need besides a big bowl of popcorn and some friends or family to watch it with.  I am only sad that the movie was cut to its present length by MGM.  Too bad someone did not save the lost items.  Maybe Clint can give us some clues.


My boyfriend's favorite movie is Kelly's Heroes.  Does anyone know where I
can get him a poster?  Thanks for your time.  -Lori


Brilliant. Brilliant plot esp.. Both pro and anti-war, characters brilliant
in their absurdity e.g. a hippy in WW2!, and the way they behave e.g. Kelly
interrogates POW's by getting them drunk, Crapgame suggests a deal.
Cool actors e.g. Telly Savalas, Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland.
Immensely quotable, great soundtrack. Action scenes cleverly thought out;
makes you feel part of the plan. Large body count but still happy ending! 
-Chris May


Yes, this is one of the greatest movies ever. Hard to believe it's over 35 years old! I own the VHS, DVD, and watch it from beginning to end every time it's on TV.;

-David Masters - Des Moines, IA


I may have watched this 8-10 times so far and I am about due to watch it again.  The cast is impressive and the story is genuine... who wouldn't want to take advantage of a bad situations and risk nothing more to gain MILLIONS !?!?!  Some of the quotes from this movie are classics that will never die.  I own the DVD and hope to find more trivia and possibly some artifacts from the movie.
Killroy was here!

-Jimmy Buffett


The Big Mick's  4 Top Favorite Films of All Time:
1. Casablanca
2. The Quiet Man
3.  Star Wars Episode 4 the Original (A New Hope)
4.  Kelly's Heroes
The Big Mick


This is the best movie ever !!  I have probably watched it over 100 times. 
Christine George


I have the understanding that Sherman's mounted 75mm guns, Oddball says it was a 76mm.
The Sherman Mounted Both the French 75mm and the Navy 3inch (76mm) guns and believe it or not their was a Sherman with a 105mm Howitzer too. OH, and a few with 90mm. Just when you think you know everything about the Sherman some one tells you something new. I learned of the 90mm Sherman's from a WW II vet and confirmed through "Jane's WW Tanks" There were only a small number made and saw service -- mostly with Tank Destroyer units. I'm sure they ruined a few German Tiger & Panther Tanks crew days.
Telly rocks in this film -- a perfect SGT. Be interesting know how he prepared for the role? Wish Clint would have taken the extra step and got a hair cut before filming. This film covered many things that most WW II Films about the Combat Soldier (from both sides)  and the European Campaign miss.
A Kelly's Heroes fan and WW II History Buff.



I always wanted to make a Sherman tank I could drive but in the end I had to go for a Tetrarch as it better resembled the donor vehicle.
Well some form of tank is still better than none.
I saw the film with my dad when I was a kid and it's still up there with the best of the best!
Some pictures of my tank here.
Nice site BTW!
Nigel AKA Oddball.



I have enjoyed watching Kelly'e Heroes ever since the
early 1970's when it was released. I watched it again
today, and still am confused with one section. There
is one part of the story that I have never understood.
I am hoping someone can help me with this.

Oddball, watching in binoculars, sees the bridge
across a river get bombed, then must get the band to
come build a new bridge for him. After the band bridge
builders arrive, Carrol O'Connor is listening in on
the conversation. At this time, it seems that Oddball,
Kelly, and all his regulars are already on the other
side of the river. How did Oddball get his tank across
if none of the other tanks and trucks were able to?
The others still had several hours of bridge building
in order to get across, but somehow, Oddball had
crossed. If he could have crossed, why did he even
involve the bridge builders at all?

Thank you for any help you can give me.


There was a German Bridge in place when they got there and they used the German Bridge before it was damaged, the Tanks had gone across first. The Engineers were repairing a German Pontoon Bridge. I imagine the attack on that German bridge was part of the stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor when the movie was being whittled down.




well i don't care what you all say, i'm the biggest fan of them all and i can't believe that there are others like me ... i truly did believe i was the only huge fan.
This movie often gets a bad wrap about being silly or unreal, what are these critics thinking, its a tremendous movie, i saw it first on tv, my dad taped it and in the early 70's i watched it over 50 times one summer, sometimes three times a day, i learnt the script and i know it so well i can pick up on the smallest of changes.
Here is one, when the three march down the street towards the Tiger to offer a deal to the German tank commander you see a shot of the tank radio op's machine gun move from side to side, in the original that came with an effective sound effect ... well that has gone in the remastered version, instead we get som lalo musical effect. I'm a huge fan of lalo too mind you but mostly for Bullit and Dirty Harry.
I'm trying to find the filming locations for this movie, obviously it is Yugoslavia and the production company was Avala Film in Belgrade but does anyone have an information on where they filmed:
1. the final bank scene, what village is it?
2. the minefield scene
3. the top of the hill and the air strike
4 the opening sequence and town they drove through at night that they mortared
5 the railyard sequence with oddball and his triangular formation
i've drawn a map of the village from reviewing all the footage to get an idea of the layout .... you'd be surprised to learn that the movements of the tanks and soldiers fits in perfectly, the continuity is excellent, i've mapped out the movements of crapgame and his 30cal, big joe and his crew, and the three tigers, it all works.
anyone know where they filmed this.
M4 verses Tiger 1 (panzer MKVI)
The M4 Sherman wasn't able to destroy a Tiger head on from any range, not even point blank, the tiger on the other hand could take out the sherman at 1600m. The only chance the sherman had was point blank and from behind, Tiger had 100mm armour on the front and only 80mm on the rear, the turret had as much as 110mm. The biggest problem the tiger had was its weight, it couldn't move very quickly and steering was difficulty, the tiger was designed to be well protected with the best weapons, but it was too heavy for most bridges and a sitting duck if it got damaged. It had a sophisticated 16 variation turning mechanism because of its weight and this made sticking it in a small town with narrow streets a real issue ... one that kelly used to his advantage.
About the Sherman breaking down ... tanks broke down often, these were heavy machines that were manufactuered quickly and weren't designed with reliabilty in mind, in battle a tank would be lucky to last ten minutes before it got hit. The engines would overheat and for a fuel pump to fail wouldn't be unheard of, it was hardly a critical element .... armour and guns were.
Big Joe never said "theres no action here"
he said "there's no booze, there's no broads, there's no action"




I'm a big fan of KH. One of the most important and interesting things about
this film that also makes it a cut above most War films is the facts of
soldiering. A lot of soldiering is either boring stuff done on your own and
that's rarely shown on film because there's nothin' happening, or in the
movies it's gung ho individualism. KH is a team project because it shows
lots of teams in action from top to bottom not always working on the same
project since K's team is on a mission of its own.

Whether it's comms or bridge building or gold hunting (we're all in this
together) or black market stores people or even R&R, the hero is the team
and the team wins and even the team of the enemy wins (the tank group we
never see). This is a film that repays careful analysis for those who are
into that (which I am). It's a pity that we don't have a DVD with very many
special features and interviews and stuff. C'est la vie.
The fact that there is a fan site which I've just discovered is brill.


It's a Motha Beautiful site! WOOF WOOf!
Oddball: It's a beautiful tank.
Moriarity:'s a piece a junk! The fuel system leaks over the place. IT'S A PIECE AH JUNK!!!
Oddball: Always with the negative waves Moriatity always with the Negative waves.

-Ted Smythson


Kelly's Heroes is one of my favorite movies. One thing that really caught my attention the first time I watched it was the level of detail they spent trying to get the look of the tiger tanks realistic. It always made other movies annoying because they would use 1950's/60's American tanks to simulate a German Tiger.
One thing I have not seen in the posts is the fact that the tanks you see in the movies are NOT Tigers......they are T-34/85's with steel welded on to make them look like Tigers. Also, if you look at the tank in Saving Private Ryan, it is the same set-up. I always wonder if they either used the same tanks or at least copied the same technique in building them.


Hello All,

Great website, and thanks for maintaining it!

This movie ranks up there with my all-time favorites:  Apocalypse Now, Alien, Vanishing Point, Kelly’s Heroes.  There is a small blurb on Wikipedia about the Yugoslav T-34’s that were modified into ‘Tiger’ tanks.

To see how much detail went into this movie:  After Oddball nails Tiger 1 “in the arse!”, he pulls the Sherman out of the bombed-out building.  Tiger 2 comes crashing through and shoots at the passing Sherman .  The scene is held and you can see the shell explode on the hill way behind the town.  That impressed me!

I wish DML/Dragon or Tamiya would come out with 1/35 figures of The Heroes.  They have Cross of Iron and some from Apocalypse Now. Keep watching!



hello to you all. greetings from a French fan of KH. my name is jean-philippe and love that movie.I've seen a hundred times . write me soon to :
The German outfit is a leibstantarte Adolf Hitler SS panzer division


I've always been a huge fan of Kelly's Heroes. Fellow fans can read my tribute article on this classic film at by clicking this link: 
William J. Felchner


Man, oh Man! do i love this movie!!

Rick Hind


My most favorite movie, when it first came out I stayed in the theater all day and watched it 4 times in a row. Have it in VHS, and DVD.



Hello, Great site. A sad update, actor Perry Lopez, "Pvt Petuko", the BAR gunner, passed away from lung cancer at age 78 in Feb 2008 in CA. As a big fan of the movie and a former BAR gunner (WW2 reenactment group) this is indeed  sad news. May this understated character forever live on delivering high volumes of automatic rifle cover fire in this one of a kind classic movie. 

-Chris Moore


  I have always heard that Clint was unhappy with the editing of this film. Before he is gone, I wish he would remake it the way he wanted it to be shown, scenes like the river battle must have been shortened. PLEASE remake my fovorite movie Clint!!!!!!

-M & M Gervasone


I've been racking my brain trying to remember where the line "What the fuck, over?" came from, and I'm thinking maybe it was Kelly's Heroes.  Can you shed any light on this for me?
Carl Whitmire
Executive Director of Marketing
Miracle Restaurant Group


I'm a military re-enactor and am fully aware that KH is in-acurate on sooo many points... But do I care?? NOT ONE BIT!!!! This has been for the last 15/20 years my FAVE movie, and still is! Yes there are mistakes. Yes there are in-acuracies. So what? Let it go will ya! Just enjoy the movie for what it is... A GREAT piece of action mixed with a ton of off-the-wall fun. And I agree with M & M Gervasone. If there is some stuff missing that Clint wanted in, then lets see how it should be (Can't imagine it COULD be any better, but you never know!)
Ade. (UK)
(Oh, and I wear the 35th Infantry HQ insignia on my U.S. G.I. Uniform in hommage to this very movie!)


Greatest movie ever made and possibly the only right wing critique of war.

Original Lady Killers came close but




I Love this movie. I thought I was the only one. I know there were some inaccuracies but they did so much detail in other areas that no other movies did, Like the v-bottom German halftracks or the German Opel troop trucks. Most movies use American surplus with German insignias. It was definitely an all star cast and is as quotable as a Monty Python movie.

As a child I loved Oddball, " Who needs you anyway. 60 feet of bridge, I can get almost anywhere. shmuck!" Or " could you please say something righteous" and Gavin Macleoud replies "Crap!"
I now more appreciate the hick duo Cowboy and Willard. " I don't know what kind of shit you talkin bout three German tanks pal, theres about 20 of em." "Cowboy, get this halftrack across the canal now!" " Well, thats what we was plannin on doin, right Willard.", steps on the gas laughing and crashes through the wall.
And General Colt, "Jeesh Booker, can't you see we got the game on!" or " Lets get this army of mine back in the war!"
And Don Rickles "Would you stop cryin, I havent even asked you yet!" Or "No, I don't have it on me!" and  I still Quote to this day "Very good, you win a cookie."
As for the River Crossings, Oddball and Gavin Macleoud explain it when they are thumbing through General Colts aerial photos. "Its a mother beautiful bridge, and its gonna be there". Than Gavin Macleoud replys " well even If it is, we got another river to cross, right over there." Oddball says, "we'll let Kelly worry about that". They have already crossed the first river when they meet up with Kelly after the minefield scene.
Love the site


I saw Kelly's Heroes in theaters and even at the drive-in movies. I guess I've seen it a hundred times including TV and tape and DVD but reading Eric's comment with the quotes from those characters brings a smile to my face all over again. Such a great great movie!

--Edward in Chicago


Bellissimo film di guerra, in Italia s'intitola "I guerrieri". I personaggi sono stupendi, dopo tutto sono fan di Clint Eastwood...


I have loved this movie for years! I even named my horse Kelly in hopes he will be as cute and cool as the original!!!


The first time I ever went to a movie BY MYSELF, Athens, GA 1970. Brave for a girl! And laughed outloud; could not have cared less what anybody in the place thought. This wasn't long after M.A.S.H. and okay I had the hots for Donald Sutherland but ended up being hooked on this movie and all the characters for life. In fact, it just came on Channel 5 in England and I watched it again even though I have the DVD. I had the movie poster framed in my living room back in the hippie days; sure wish I still had it. Remember then, when it left the theater it was gone! How long before it came on television? And probably 25 years before it came out on video! I love all the authentic war details mentioned on this site which I really didn't realize at the time. I would love to see an extended version and deleted scenes and bloopers. Maybe they will turn up in somebody's archives. Clint, please start looking!


fun movie who is change my life

-Tanšek Dušan


Kelly's Heroes is just plain fun.  I've seen comments that criticize this film for its historic accuracy. (negative waves, always with the negative waves. lol)  "Oddball" blasting Hank through the speakers sort of negated the need to take this film as serious documentation of allied engagement during WW II.  Criminy!  Get some buddies together, beer, snacks, etc.  and enjoy one of the best times you'll ever have watching a movie.  -  "Kelly's Heroes were beautiful people, babe."   

 ----RWM 3


Thanks. Kelly's Heroes deserves its own Web site. A great, offbeat 
film that works on a couple of different levels. Oddball and his crew 
are especially great, as is the soundtrack.
-Dan Churney


This has been and always will be one of my favorite movies. I can’t even begin to guess how many times I’ve seen it. The 16 million splitting up to $800,000 a man or so still sounds like a lot.  I imagine it really must have sounded like a fortune back when the film was first released.  I’ve always been touched by the end of the mine field scene when Big Joe surreptitiously looks back to make sure the men still in the field are in fact dead after he’s gruffly told the soldier who suggests they may be only wounded to forget it because they’re dead. A tough guy who appears to care very deeply about the men he’s responsible for. 

-Eddie Smith


I saw this movie at the drive in with my dad when I was just a little girl,  and I was allowed to stay up late to watch this movie when it came on.  I lost my dad over 25 years ago and I still watch it every time it comes on .  Last night I watched it with my little girl and she got the humor.  My favorite part is the song Burning Bridges, and the memories it brings back.  The staying up late, the popcorn,  the snuggling on the floor in front of the big old tv that sat on the floor.  Oddball is the best!!!

-Karin Anthony


In response to the comment/odds and ends of the movie (first entry at 
the top of the comment page), all I can say is he/her has watched the 
movie at least as many times as I have. I first saw the movie in 1970 
in the theater. Back then you could stay in your seat and watch the 
movie as many times as it was shown on that particular day as long as 
you didn't leave the building— and for me it was four times. I 
returned the next day and watched it four more times.

I too have watched this movie so many times that I can almost repeat 
the actors lines throughout the movie. I wore out two copies of it in 
VHS and I am on my second copy of it one DVD (can't wait for the hi-
def or blue ray version to come out) Saving Private Ryan and Band of 
Brothers are the closest I've seen in using the right enemy vehicles 
(Tiger tanks, half-tracks, MG 42's, and even the right German 
uniforms — brown/green infantry uniforms and black for tank soldiers 
and the SS). But of course, 1970 was only 25 years after the war in 
Europe ended. Today much of the equipment, guns, vehicles must be 
fabricated for the film.

Differences I have also observed:

°  The viewer mentioned that the tank's gun barrel wobbles as Oddball 
gets off the tank. That could have been because the tank crew always 
put a fake barrel over the 76 MM cannon to make the enemy wonder if 
it wasn't actually an 88 MM cannon. (76 MM was the size gun used in 
Sherman tanks, so the movie makers got it right, (not 75 MM)).

°   The viewer also mentioned that the German sgt. was the only 
person to exit the Tiger tank. That is common as the sgt. was the 
tank commander and therefore should be the only person to exit the tank.

°  I have always wondered, why does the German tank commander shot a 
hole through the bank's door when, knowing the power of a German 88 
MM shell would have probably leveled the bank? So, why blow a hole 
through the door when they could just as easily drive the tank to the 
front door and knock it down without firing a shot (just drive right 
through it!)

°  How in the hell did Dean Stanton's character get the crabs when 
none of the platoon had been with a girl for months (as Telly 
Savalas' character explains to the captain early in the movie) ?

-Doug Loehr


Aren't we all a bunch of ODDBALLS! Finally, through this site, I got the answer to the actual tanks used to portray the Tigers, knowing there are currently only 2 Tigers somewhat operational in the world at this time. I will probably be corrected about that too! Every actor in this movie no matter how big or small a part, captured the emotions of us, human beings, as most coments in this site reflect.  What GI at that time wouldn't risk their $50 a month for $800,000.00! We all would. Thanks to all that have sent something to this site as I learn more of the movie through you. -Ed Johnson


Hey M4 verses Tiger 1 (panzer MKVI),

You’re correct about a M1 Sherman tank not being able to take out a Tiger, however, the most vulnerable spot of a Tiger Tank was its rear-end, and in the movie, this is the spot at which the Sherman directed its shell. This is plausible in real-life. 

-Scott D. Johnson


Definitely my favorite WW2 film, and it was the best performance I have seen from Telly Savalas and Don Rickles.  Hilarious but with a couple of melancholy moments to remind you that it is WW2.  My favorite quotes are both from Telly, first where he mocks Little Joe when he says "We ain't got no booze", and secondly when Kelly tells Big Joe that the bridge thought to be destroyed has been rebuilt by the Germans, and Big Joe says "Do you think the Germans would mind if we crossed their little bridge, huh Kelly?".  Stangely enough, this movie has become a Christmas tradition with my father and brother and I.  One Christmas about 6 years ago, after we opened presents, we decided to pass the time before lunch and pulled out some old films we hadn't seen in a while.  Kelly's Heroes was one that we all loved, so we watched it, and it's been a ritual ever since.  My parents house is the meeting place for extended family at Christmas, so imagine the confusion when people walk in and hear 50 calibers and German 88s going off.  Well, maybe they're used to it by now.

-Matthew Shockley


I wore out my VHS version of Kelly's Heroes and bought the DVD which includes the movie "Dirty Dozen" with Lee Marvin, Donald Sutherland, Charles Bronson and the rest of the Dirty Dozen.
The whole family watches these movies and it never gets tiresome. Like re-reading a good book.
Thinking about putting a Sherman in our back yard...
Joe Yuhasz


Thanks for the site, i have always been a big fan of Clints movies, and kelly's heroes is up there with the best of them.A great cast sadly many have left us,GREAT ACTORS ALL OF THEM. 

--Ouray Manchester England


Hello, it is great that I am given the chance to comment on one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  From start to finish this movie is gut busting.  One of my favorite scenes is in the beginning when cowboy is talking about having to take the guns they just cleaned outside in the rain.  Being in the military myself I laugh how the American soldier is portrayed because it is so true.  What a start studded cast, that did an outstanding job, and I hope Hollywood never tries to ever redo this because it could never be done better. 


Joe Christ LCDR  


This may have been the first DVD I bought. I wore out my VHS copy that was recorded off of channel 29 or 17 in Philly.  It seemed like they would show that movie every month in the early 80’s.

Thanks for the site.



Hey! Awesome site!  I've been visiting it off and on for 4 years.
Like many others, I thought for many years that I was the only big fan out there.
When I was five years old, my mom and dad took me to the Drive-in to see it.  That was a big deal to me, I remember it well. I became a big fan on that night.
My only (slight) complait is this:
In the obituary section:
Don't forget these "Heroes" :
George Fargo: Pvt Penn  13 July 1930- 23 July 1981
Dee Pollock: Pvt Jonesy 24 Sept 1937 - 24 Sep 2005
John Heller: German Lieutenant  19 April 1928 - 19 Nov 1989
Time is moving fast:
 Next year marks the 40th Anniversary of "Kelly's Heroes".  Clint turns 79 this month (May 31).  Don Rickles (Crapgame) and David Hurst (Maj. Dumkopf) both coincidentally born May 8, 1926, celebrate their 83rd Birthday today (May 8, 2009). Just about every other living member of the cast are pushing 80, or past 80.  It won't be long until we lose them all - the End of an Era.
Special Thanx to the folks maintaining the site.
SFC Schultz



Just to say like many others that this movie is one of the best of Clint Eastwood and the best 2nd WW movie I have ever seen
specially for their realistic military forniture and for the characters (oddball was the best tank crew I'd ever seen!!!).

I was born in 1969 and the first time I seen this movie was at TV, black & White when I was a child and when DVD era became was one of the first moviea that I got.

I simply can not resist seen that bunch of funny bastards fighting for their fortune, it was awesome, Clint leading that gang to be rich!!!
...and finally buying the loyalty of the german tiger tank!! just terrific!!!

Congratulations and Thanks for this page.


Carlos Javier Gargurevich Escudero
Centro de Informática de la UP
  2190100 - anexo 2212
Lima, PERU

sorry for my bad english, my mother language is spanish.


Does anyone know what happened to Brian Hutton's cut. A number of 
movies in the past have been re released on dvd with the directors 
cut. Considering strong following of this film and its age, it may be 
economically viable to release Hutton's version of the film. Biggest 
question is who owns the rights.... MGM who is nearly kaput business 
wise or Time Warner ? Sony may have stake also.
Thoughts ?


I have attached a picture of the town square in the movie in Yugoslavia where the filming was  taken in 2006. Thanks, -Chris Moore

Here's a picture of Gen. Colts HQ in 2006, -Chris


As everyone else on this page, I too am an extreme fan of Kelly's Heroes.

This is a comedy first, then a war movie, then a heist movie.  
I say that because in a comedy, you can get away with illogical things that you wouldn't be able to in a non-comedy:  Like driving 30 miles through enemy lines with only three incidents (and one of them "friendly fire".)  This forgives many plot consistencies also.  
Why there is so much comment about accuracy is because the writer (like using real unit names and locations and that a Recon is only supposed to go and report, not fight, etc.), costumes (underwear and patches, even the non-regulation uniforms look plausible, etc., but wished they could have weathered the uniforms as the days progressed), sound specialist (the mortar and 88 explosions are some of the best I have heard on film, don't recall if the german MGs are correct though), vehicles (Aside from the Tiger/T34 conversion which really put in the accuracy level, using a P-47 in the historical role instead of the P-51 Mustang, the use of jeeps with and without folding tops, and halftracks with 105mm guns, though probably not right for a recon unit, and yeah the Tigers for this period should be sandy, not blue-gray)  Probably the best thing the production company did was shoot in Yugoslavia.  Not only did they get Yugoslavian army surplus US vehicles, but they got old german trucks and the use of those Tigers Conversions from another Communist movie production.  I have heard that Yugoslavia looks about as much like Eastern France as Los Angeles' Angeles Crest Forest looks like the Ardennes (and the Yugoslav's German accent is thick), but when you can get a whole old european town to cooperate and allow its buildings (either made for this movie and destroyed or original condemned buildings happily removed by the film crew) and get what looks like hundreds of Shermans to boot... can't argue with that.

Oh yea, and its about a bank robbery.  With tanks.

I own the Clint Eastwood's collection DVD.  Their film remastering, both audio and visual, is amazing.  So clear, each frame looks like a publicity still.  Hats off to that production.

I agree with Rob.  I too wish to know who has the production archives and rights to this picture.

You guys have inspired me:
i've drawn a map of the village from reviewing all the footage to get an idea of the layout .... you'd be surprised to learn that the movements of the tanks and soldiers fits in perfectly, the continuity is excellent, i've mapped out the movements of crapgame and his 30cal, big joe and his crew, and the three tigers, it all works.

- Steve KH Fan
I have attached a picture of the town square in the movie in Yugoslavia where the filming was  taken in 2006. Thanks, -Chris Moore
So I watched the movie, looked up the Yugoslavian town (thanks Chris) and have something for you guys.

My contribution to the Kelly's Heroes fans is converting Kelly's Heroes into a game.  Now you can PLAY Kelly's Heroes in 15mm or 28mm miniatures.

I think its a pretty accurate rendering of the troops and scenarios involved.
- John Paul


Just did some research and got a lot of similar opinions that the Blu 
Ray version will be released sometime this year. If anyone gets more 
detailed info please post, I will also. Aside from the excellent 
picture quality I hope there may be some additional features included. 
PS, Saving Private Ryan is confirmed for release in 2010. Thanks, 
-Chris Moore


About 5 years ago I found a Japanese web site about Kelly's Heroes. One of the cool things about it was, they had very good artwork of the battle of Claremont. It was about 6 birds eye view images showing the town layout with the 3 Tigers and Oddball's Sherman. In each image they showed the movement and location of the tanks as they fought in the town. I made copys but lost them in a move. I've been searching the web and I can't find the site. Are you aware of these? The artwork was excellent and I believed it was very correct.


I love this movie. Love it!
-John Landis


As a World War Two Reenactor in the 99th Infantry Division here in Erie ,Pa this is one of our favorite movies in the world.
 At any reenactment almost everyone knows the lines and can be heard throughout the camps., "I'll give you 50.00 to carry the MG", " You got it on you"
 Our newest event The Bridge at Remagen in Tidioute , Pa is a "Mother Beautiful Bridge ". We hope our event and Kelly's Heroes will blend together even more.
Keep this site going nice to see more of us here. I with they could do a reunion show with the living members of the cast

-Mr Marguerite Tarasovitch


Why is it I have never heard Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland or Don Rickles ever talk about the film?



Dear One and All-

"Kelly's Heroes" was such a part of my life, you may never believe 
how, or HOW MUCH.

I was engaged to, and in love with the ex-wife of the movie's Line 
Producer (who had a falling out with MGM and isn't in the credits) 
from 1981 until she had a ...."problem" with a Lithium imbalance and left me in 
February, 1985.

I won't go into personal details, since it wouldn't be fair to 
"George," or his ex-wife, and my love, "Joanie."

I learned so much about that movie, the stars, the locations, the 
people, the 'quirks' each star had.

I saw all the photos dedicated to "Joanie," all the notes, the phone 
calls to my house from some of the movie's stars.

I think I'm the "Number One Fan" of the movie for MANY reasons, but 
the main reason was "Joanie." I loved her THEN, and I love her
to this day. I don't know where she is, but I hope she's happy.

Her son "John" lived with us for awhile. He married a girl I 
introduced him to. "George" came to my house in order to attend 
"Johnny's" wedding.

Even though they divorced in 1971 (and Don Rickles called "George" an 
"S.O.B." for letting "Joanie" get away),  "George" and "Joanie' kept
in touch and used to FIGHT with each other on the phone- from my house 
("Joanie" lived with me) to "George's" house near Loas
Angeles. I think they still loved each other.

After "Joanie" left ME, it was years before i could watch "Kelly's 
Heroes."  I STILL well up with tears when I watch the movie and hear
"Burning Bridges."

So, my place as a "Number One Fan" of the movie came with a huge 
price- a DEEPLY broken heart. I have dreams of "Joanie" too often-
the last one was last night.

I guess some people stay with you even AFTER they leave.

Thank you all for reading this.

-Sincerely, STAN SALONY       FLORIDA


TP Stopes, a couple of years back on either on Leno or Letterman ( cant recall), Rickles did mention the film when talking about Eastwood. He said something to the effect " There was a film we were working on, Kelly's Heroes....." When he mentioned the name he paused and the crowd unexpectantly applauded. Very nice. But he did not elaborate on any real detail. I know Rickles came out with a memior book recently and wonder if anything might be mentioned there?

Hi John Landis,

Would this happen to be the movie director? If so very cool for you to post here. Thanks, Chris


I remember seeing this movie in the theatre as an 11 yr old.  Several years ago, I downloaded the MP3 as I always loved the Mike Curb Congregation "burning bridges" song.  And to this day when someone comments on an unpleasant smell, I always sarcastically reply "kinda makes you homesick, don't it?"  Most people don't realize its a movie quote,  Great website, best of luck.

-Bill Harrison 


Hi Everyone,
     I just found this site today.  I too, thought, I was the only one that liked this movie. I had seen it when it first came out at our local drive-in theater.  Whenever I mention the film to friends and acquaintances they look at me like I just arrived from another planet.  The movie is about enjoying it, not about picking it to death. It is for the most part accurate in detail, locations, props, costumes, characters, for the time period it is meant to depict, 1944.  I love this movie, and have scene it a few hundred times.  My favorite lines are when Big Joe says to Mulligan- "You can't hear me! The reason you can't hear me is...your firing your mortars at your end, and they are dropping at our end!  No the Krauts aren't here!  We're here!  Mulligan your bombs are coming down on our heads!  I don't know where the Krauts are...Just lift your Goddamn barrage!!!
     Does anyone know the name of the blond actress who is with Odd Ball (Donald Sutherland), as they were together on the mattress on top of the crates and ammunition storage containers?  She has no lines.  I would like to know what ever happened to her after making the movie.
     Attention: Steve K.H.
                    Yes, the sound of the MG-42 seems to be authentic.  If you want to know the real sound an MG -42 makes, just go to U-Tube, type in MG-42, and you will find video clips of live fire MG-42s.  It is capable of putting out 1,500 rounds a minute. The reason why they were not as effective as they would seem to that the barrels overheat very quickly, and need to be swapped out often with a cold barrel. While one barrel is in action...the other barrel is cooling off.    
     Finally, I would like to ad that the theme song, Mike Curb / Lalo Schifrin "Burning Bridges", Sung by Hank Williams Jr. & the Mike Curb Congregation, applies to my life very well, seems over the years that people and events have been ended by me, whether that is consciously or subconsciously, because of the movie, I do not know.  All I do know is... "They are burning bridges forever more". Thank you for taking the time to read my entry.
Respectfully Submitted,
Michael J. Dougherty
South Portland, Maine 04106-5432


NEWSFLASH: Kelly's Heroes to be released June 1 on Blue Ray!!!  This will be a 2 film package with the other film Where Eagles Dare. Many early reviews so far say very good video quality. 

-Chris Moore


I saw it 40 years ago today (June 28, 1970).
Happy 40th K H guys! You're movie is the best!
-Kenneth Johnson

***************************************************************************************************I I went downtown to the beautiful old Paramount Theater. It was Sunday night which meant "Sneak Preview" time! I don't remember what the first movie was but KELLY'S HEROES was the "sneak". What a great show. I've never been the same since. It was 28 June 1970. A memorable evening.

-R. W. Keith, Amarillo


One of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies and my Favorite World War ll movie. Nice site. Live and be well, Dunson out

-Boyd D. Dunson    N.T.C. Security  


I asked a former Tiger Tank Commander if he ever experienced 'sprit' or gasoline sloshing on the floor.  His answer was no.  Fuel tanks on Tiger Is were in the rear as was the engine.  someone must have picked that up by error.  Do you have in your archive a good photo of the SS Tiger Kommander who assisted Kelly and them, shooting open the bank vault.  Sincerely Dr.Greg Jpnes


This is the moment we Kelly's Heroes fans have been waiting for:

A huge article about our favorite move Kelly's Heroes.

Cinema Retros has published an 80 page magazine dedicated to the making of
and stars of Kelly's Heroes.  I have read this article and it covers just
about every aspect of the movie, from the script & novelization to shooting
in Yugoslavia to interviews with stars and crew (even Landis).  its a MUST
HAVE for KH Fans.

However, this is a limited run issue for July 2011.  After it is sold out,
you will only be able to get it on e-bay.!.html 

I am in no way associated with this issue, but I'm letting all fans know
about it because you'll regret it if you miss out.

- John Paul


Be interesting to see what our heroes did with their gold, either individually or collectively. Personally, I think a latter day look at the retirement years of Kelly, Oddball, Crapgame, Moriarty et al, Colonel Dankhopf, and of course the panzer sergeant played to perfection by Karl-Otto Alberty, would make a hoot of a film. 

-SE Beare



After watching Kelly's heroes for the umpteenth million time, I became curious as to the movies behind the scenes details and started an Internet search. Lo and behold I find your website. Reading everyone else's comments (I haven't been able to read them all yet, there are so many) is quite refreshing.

  I've tried to think of my favorite movies and every time I think I've done that, I think of another. So instead of listing the 20 or 30 I highly regard, I will trim it down to 3. Not necessarily in order, but; Kelly's Heroes, The Green Mile and the incredible Casablanca.

  Not being a down in the dirt war buff, just a war movie fan, I can watch a movie like this and truly enjoy it for what it is. The acting as absolutely superb, the blend of comedy and drama is done very well, the sites chosen seemed perfect and the whole movie just flowed impeccably.

  I live on a sailboat in Mexico and have not had broadcast television for years. I thank the Heavens for DVD and classic movies such as Kelly's Heroes.

Thank you for this website.

Dale Weatherly

SV 'Moxie' Puerto Escondido, BCS, Mexico

Just received my copy quickly of the Cinema Retro magazine dedicated to KH's. Simply awesome detail, unseen pictues, deleted scenes, interviews etc. Well worth the $14.95. This is a must have for the serious KH fan.!.html 


Do you have any more pictures of the water wells in the town square from Kelly’s Heroes?  I noticed the nice iron work over the wells and wondered if you have a picture of the iron from the front.

Thanks -Randall Harrison, Texas


I went to the Drive In Theater with some friends to see Kellys Heros in 1971 on a Friday nite..Went back again Saturday nite with some different friends and watched it again..We all loved the movie..I was 18 years young at the time,just got a 1966 Red Mustang GT fastback..That’s the car we saw the movie in..Those were the DAYS..My grandson is 9 years old now and he watch’s Kellys Hero about every week..He loves Oddball..

-Rick Gates in Ohio



I have been trying to find info on the closing of the movie ever since it came out.

When I first saw it, I stayed to the end of the credits and saw that they guys in the truck came up to some MP's and were asked what's in the truck.

Giving the idea that they were caught.

Since then I have not been able to find anything.

Do you have any info about this?


-Jim Foanio


Always loved this movie from the first time I saw it.

Can anyone tell me how or why director Brian Hutton chose "Burning Bridges" for this movie? It's a great song & The Mike Curb Congregation has an unmistakable sound of their own.

I'm just wondering because the song doesn't have any connection to the military, war or combat.

-Thanks, Gary



    One of my favorite movies of all time.  I know a lot was cut.  However, the one thing that always bothered me was the casual mentioning of the other 2 tank crews being lost when crossing the river.  Oddball just says "oh man, they've had it"  like he barely knew them.  Those other crews got a lot of air time when destroying the railway center and then they are just sort of written out of the movie.  I'm wondering if anyone knows from the original cut if they address what happened to those guys or are we not supposed to care if they got killed?  Oddball, Moriarity, and the Turk certainly don't seem to care.



Great thought, Steve! So much more of this movie was probably filmed that we never got to see. For myself I'm just going to assume that the tank other crews escaped their destroyed tanks and made it back to friendly lines. After the war Oddball found them and gave them a share of the gold. 

What a great movie. One of the greatest of all time!

-Jim Gannon


Great Stupid question, but how did the tanks play recorded music in the railway scene? Pretty sure they didn't have tape decks in 1945!

-Dennis Fisher


It's a Hollywood film just enjoy it watch a documentary for better info

-Louise Nicholson



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