Information provided by Patti K. Oates:


J. D. Souther graduated from Tascosa High School in 1964.

Music was in J D Souther's bones from the day he was born.  His grandmother was an opera singer.  His dad sang also and ended up during WWII singing at USO's around the country and he met J Ds mother in Wichita Falls, Texas.  My mother, Bea King Nuss, her sister, Mae King Hatch, and Loty Finley Souther (J Ds mother), moved to Wichita Falls during WWII and roomed together.  My mother also met my father there and they were married.  Daddy sold pianos and organs for Tolzien Music until he retired.  And the circle continues around.   Since Mike Burt quit teaching band, he is now working at Tolziens.  (I suppose it's still called Tolzien's.)

 He has 2 sisters sitll living in Amarillo.  Susan Burt.  She is married to Mike Burt.  Both Susan and Mike have been in the music field for years.  And, his other sister is Shari Smeaton married to Tony.

 Also, Susan Burt wrote a children's musical and it is published.