Carolyn Wilson Marshall, I just wanted to tell you  how much I enjoyed watching the " Before and Now" video. You did a fantastic job!! The music was great  also. :)  Thank you for including the Memorial of classmates that we have lost. It was very emotional, but it also brought back some special memories!! I appreciate you putting these videos together. It really means a lot to those of us that were not able to attend as well as everyone else! 

Thanks to everyone involved in planning, organizing and implementing everything that seemed to have made this an unbelievable reunion!!  Kay Kelley Raef


I want to sincerely thank all the dedicated people for preparing such a great and memorable reunion!!! I have had to put on these  kind of business functions and I really appreciate all the work which goes into these type functions. The many people who were involved really deserve a big Hoorah!  I had a great time and it was well worth the drive from Arizona. I was lucky in that Ricky Thomas at our table and there was never a dull moment. I think the singing group was outstanding as well as Carolyn's skit. I also think Beverly Jackson should get the most enduring trophy! She was incredible and a great inspiration. I still have a warm feeling and an anxiety for getting to see and talk to so many great people. I really look forward to the next one! Again ,I want to thank all who helped put on a great event and I also thank all who went to the effort to attend. Our class is lucky to have a Selma who keeps everyone informed!!!   Steve Denny

 Everybody look by your bottle of Namenda (or whatever memory aid pill you take) and if your glasses aren't there then yours may be the ones Selma has.

 I don't know.  Just sayin'.....Dennis Wilkinson  ??????

I had a wonderful time at the reunion. It was great seeing "my seniors" from high school. It warms my heart to know that so many of you are or have become Christians.  God bless all. 
Shirley Pitts Peters


So good to hear all of the positive responses and comments.  At first blush, you know some of us thought you were doing too much & it may be too long...you did it and it flowed perfectly.  The venue was just right. The food was excellent; I do believe that was the best hamburger in AMA.  The auction participation both from donors and bidders was a fun time and for a worthy cause to support a graduating senior while recognizing our classmate and friend, Dennis Holland.  Ronn Wood had the perfect blend of music to keep us entertained and dancing like those day of our high school mixers.  The DVD was outstanding; great idea. The electronic directory is a positive.  IT WAS PERFECT. Each time offers a challenge of what are we going to do to be better than the previous reunion. Thanks to everyone for a grand weekend for our class.  Mike McKean


Looks like this was a big one. We got into Amarillo late Saturday night.  Ronnie Philips and I were both wishing we had time to sneak in and see everyone. The next morning Mike Mckean emailed me a picture of Dennis Holland and our entire family was brought to tears. We have all had our own special relationships with Dennis and it was a sight for sore eyes to see his picture. I am so glad everyone had such a wonderful time.  Rex Hudson

Barbara's mom is out of the hospital but not doing well at all.  Provided we have no more births, commitments, and emergencies, we will be at the next one.


Thanks to the committee and their spouses on an awesome reunion.  It was great to see each and everyone there.  The location, food, entertainment and visiting with friends was fantastic. Thanks again for such a great job of planning.  Look forward to the 50th!  Sue Buford Davis


The reunion was sooooooooooooo much fun!  I loved seeing all of you; grateful to be able to greet you at the front door.  I laughed so hard during the reunion that my face hurt and is still recovering!  It is heartwarming to read all of the comments; thanks to all of you for coming.  Thanks Carolyn Fritts Garrison for access to the facilities at Tanglewood.  Please give a special kudos to your wonderful staff.  Carolyn Wilson Marshall:  thank you for the many long hours spent to bring such a wonderful finished product of the "Then and Now"; to be treasured for many years to come.  The rest of you on the committee(s) know the appreciation and love that comes to each of you for the part that you contribute.  If you live close enough to become involved with either the Dallas area or Amarillo "planning" groups, please do so.  You won't regret it.  Love, Jeanne Ownsby McCubbin


Just have to tell everyone and their spouses what a wonderful Reunion....Everything, the Planning, decorations, food, service, the Auction,

oh and the FAB entertainment....It was 'THE BEST".  Much hard work and so appreciated. What a Wonderful Class you guys have. 

Thanks for sharing!! Just had to say I Loved it and Thank You....UR the BEST....Annette Turley Shannon


I'd like to express my thanks to you & all those involved in the planning & hard work each of you put into the 45th Reunion for the Class of

1966 PDHS.  Linda & I had never attended any of the previous get-to-gethers as I'v had a long standing rule to avoid social functions. 

Not out of rear, but for what I am. I've been to churches & a few other gatherings & it never failed.  Someone always had to make a hate-filled

comment about Viet Nam & those of us who went there.  Broke my own rule this time. Sure glad I did.  Met some other guy's in the 66 class

who served there, too & that eased any apprehension(s) I had.  Though I'm a stranger to most of the attendees, at no time was I made to feel

out of place& I truly enjoyed visiting with them.  I only knew six of the folks there, but several others talked to me.  Hey, I'll be honest about this. 

I sure wasn't on any popularity list (s) when we went to PD.  Didn't even know Linda till the fall of 1966& hadn't ever dated any of the girls till then. 

I keep telling her how fortunate she was & after 43 plus years, She still con't buy that line.  She met several ladies she'd known in school &

hadn't seen in all these years.  Think she got a real charge out of it.   For me it was the best thing I've ever been to & the bridge don't burn

down, we already plan on being present at the next  get-together.  If I can help out some how, let me now & I'll do whatever I can.  We don't

have a computer or  any of that Internet rig, but there might be other areas I can pitch in & help with.  Again, Many Thanks to all of you for

a great outing.  Neil Purcell


Just now getting on email.  Also enjoyed seeing and visiting with everyone.  I got to know your Steve.  I was

so glad you and I could visit as much as we could.  I also saw people I haven't seen in 45 years. Bev and

Gene and Phillip Fajardo come to my mind. I really appreciate all the hard work of everyone. I thought we all looked

pretty good considering our age. I also can't wait for our 50th.  I want to dance some.  Don't pay any attention to Beverley. 

She had a ball!!!  Love, Susan Raiford Brown


I really enjoyed the weekend with the Palo Duro kids.  I will have to say you went from the worst group to perform for, to the best group.

It’s a good thing because that was your last chance! It was so good to see you all and it brought back so many good memories.

Love,  Chris McClain (Selma's Mom)


To: Carolyn Wilson Marshall   Just a note to say Thank You!!! for the fantastic DVD of our class and the reunion! Great job! We will all
enjoy this in now and in the years to come. Thanks again! What a great time we all had at the reunion!   Randy Holman


Had a great time.  Thank you for the endless hours you put into the reunion. 

We appreciate you loved every minute of the weekend.  Dee Dee


 Once again....GREAT JOB planning committee members!!!  What a PERFECT weekend!  We can't thank you enough for all the long

hours it took to make this such an awesome reunion!  What fun it was to 'catch up' with friends of many years and dance the night


Laughter and tears as I was leaving....just couldn't help it!!!  The auction was a fantastic success thanks to Mike, Kathie, DeeDee and all the

contributors!!  I love you all and can't wait for our 50th:)  Ray and Peggy Ammons Derryberry


In a message dated 9/5/2011 2:49:40 P.M. Central Daylight Time, ccbrown67@comcast.net writes:


First, we want to say what a wonderful time we had at the reunion!  We just can not say enough about how the committee worked so hard and brought this reunion together with such zest!  We thought the location was great, the food was good and the auction participation was super and the auction results warmed our hearts.  The whole event is something we will always remember. As far as how to improve for next time, I want to make a commitment to try and start now working on people to attend the 50th reunion.  We’d like everyone to experience the fun we just enjoyed.  Also, maybe we could make some type of memory book where people send in things they remember about Palo Duro friends.  I remember Susie Cashion always tuned my violin in orchestra.  If Mr. Bledsoe thought I played awful, think what he would have thought if I had tuned my own violin!   I am sure we all have good positive things we would share about our classmates.  Linda Mohney Graham, Lawanna Cowan Graf and I all started first grade together and have kept in contact all these years.  I bet there are other stories like that.  I remember Mr. Garrett coming to my mother’s house and speaking to my sister and I when our father died.  I had been out of high school several years and he still remembered me.  We could name our book THIS IS THE LIFE!We were disappointed that all the pictures sent in for the “before and after” were not used.  I think there was lots of encouragement for people to send in pictures and it would have been good if they could have all been used. We enjoyed all of the pictures we saw and appreciate all the work that went into that project.  As we reviewed the deceased list of classmates, I thought it would be nice if we noted the classmates who died serving in the military.  The only one I know for sure about was Jessie Morris.

We would like to have a list of all of the committee members so we could send them each a card of appreciation.   Charolett and Charlie Brown

Selma, we are especially grateful to you for keeping the class glued together.  We so appreciate every bit of news you send us about our classmates.  I know from experience that other classes are not so lucky.  I

God has once again blessed the Class of 1966!


I wanted to thank you, both Carolyn's, David, Matilda, Jeannie, Peggy and whoever else I am forgetting.  It was great seeing everyone.  I was so glad to see Phillip all well. God did an awesome healing. Prayer works.  I really enjoyed myself.   The facility was great and bright.  Had a great time on the boat ride.  The name tags were large enough to see everyone's name.  The food was great too.  It was such a joy to see and visit with everyone. Nat Shaffer Klingler


I have been enjoying the sentiments from the class and agree that it will be very hard to top this reunion.  Thank you so much. Carolyn Dabney Van Winkle


Wee, it is over for 5 more years. Such a fun time. Decorating was fun, but taking it all down.. really means it is done till next time. It is fun being on the planning committee.  Saw so many friends that I had not seen since school..Floyd Johnson..Patsy Merriman..and others. So much fun visiting, talking about the past and not remembering some of the stories..so many smiles and so much laughter. Till next time. God bless the Class of '66... Peggy Rutledge Sprang


  I really enjoyed my brief visit and praise the work of all putting this together. GOOD JOB !!   Harold Mason


 I don't know who was responsible for what at the PDHS Class of 66 45th Reunion, but everyone did such a great job!  It was a barrel of fun and I don't remember when I've laughed (and danced!) that much!!  Surely some pounds were lost in the process!  I know my voice was lost after singing the 38th Beatles song!  Thank you committee for working so hard.  If you weren't there, you missed a good one!    Joyce Wallace Gilbreath


Dearest Reunion Committee.........Man o Man ,it was not your first rodeo, for sure, but it was by far the best!!! I had the best time I have had in ages and if you found an extra head stall on the floor , it was because I bucked the bridle off.


I feel sorry for those who didn't or couldn't attend. The facilities (except for the air conditioner setting), was great.

The meals , the entertainment, the recognitions, the auction, the pictures, the scholarship fund, and most important the attendees was superb!


I laughed and felt so good to be there it was just in creditable!!! I do have pictures  and I will send them to you. I was also so lucky because Ricky Thomas sat at our table both nites! What a hoot, he has not lost any of his wittiness. We are lucky to be part of a great group of people and may God Bless all of you and your families. 
Again, Thank You all who did so much work to put this fabulous occasion together.
  Steve Denny


I was trying to make plans to get there when I fell and could not walk for several days.. Am on the road again tho.. Thanks for missing me. I missed all.

Looks like it was a success and love the pictures that are being shared on FaceBook.. makes me feel like I was there.

Thanks to all that made the reunion a success . Class of 66 is the best !!!  Beth Hammer Carroll


Wish we could have been there--sounds like it was a fabulous time for all. Carroll "Ed" Cleere


All I can say is wow! Gene and I cannot stop talking about how much fun we had! I was on an

emotional rollercoaster all weekend! Cried a little laughed a little and made a fool of myself a lot!!!!

Oh well what else is new!

Thanks to all who worked  your ----'s off!

Cannot wait For our 50th!! I have one request. No Dancing! I cannot even imagine how ugly that could be!

Please help me save my dignity!  I hope more people can get on Facebook! It's fun keeping up with our


Thanks again to all who helped make our 45th reunion the best ever!!!!  Gene & Beverley Haynes Jackson




A VERYSPECIAL THANKS once again, to RONN WOOD for always knowing what music we

need to have to Dance to....and, yes....RONN WAS AT THE REUNION ....hope we can still

DANCE in 5 years!!...If not, you can just play GOOD MUSIC FOR US to tap our feet to!!!  



"Great job" Reunion planners

Hey all my beautiful '66 classmates, I hit the ground running after our glorious reunion, and just now making myself sit down to write. I had to get out of my music comfort zone this week and learn some (Broadway type) music for a Gatlin music play,(Rosie the Riveter)...Quite a challenge, but most things are these days..."I'm still an old chunk of coal, but all that pressure is gunna make me a diamond some day"...Well, that's enough about me. What I want you to know is that I have some extreme bragging rights on all of you prayer warriors. Whenever I get a chance to give my testimony of God's Grace, Mercy,and healing power, I mention y'all. People are amazed when I tell them of my H.S. senior class prayer network; apparently is a rare commodity... God bless you Selma for being central casting and for all of y'alls faithfulness in praying. Great job on the photo album Carolyn...I really studied it when I got home and wished I could have gotten to know some of you a lot better...hope for the future...!!!  MUCH,MUCH,LOVE to all of you...!!! 
"And let him who thirsts come, And whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely."  Rev. 22:17
Phillip Fajardo